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Meet the team

At Sparkrock we show up every day because we believe in the important work of our clients and community.

Learn more about the people who make Sparkrock great.

Leadership Team

Sparkrock was founded in 2003 by Nicola Dickinson and James Faw. Our first customer was the MacArthur Foundation based in Chicago with 150 staff distributing over $200 million worth of grants to programs worldwide annually. We now have more than 30,000 users on our solution serving over 7 million people through thousands of different programs.

Colin Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer

Colin strongly believes in the infinite worth of every human being. He hopes to help the best people on the planet, do the best work on the planet, in a way that is easier, less-stressful, and more fun.

Nicola Dickinson, Chief Revenue Officer, Founding Partner

Nicola strongly believes that you are a vital component of creating a better world and it’s our responsibility to enable you to soar.

James Faw, Chief Technology Officer, Founding Partner

James is focused on creating innovative technology that does amazing things for you. His hope is to change technology from being burdensome and feared, to freeing our clients to focus on their mission.

Tarun Matharoo, VP of Finance and Operations

Tarun’s mandate is to drive strategic plans to grow revenue and improve profitability. He is also focused on streamlining the business operations, improve financial planning, reporting and analytics for all the departments within Sparkrock.

Jed Cavadas, VP of Sales

Jed's passion has always been technology. What drives him daily is finding ways to truly help our clients embody technology to help deliver on their missions.

Dean Carrotte, VP of Professional Services

Dean focuses on providing services that go beyond your expectations and satisfaction. He is driven by Sparkrock’s continued growth and success, and is very proud of the huge impact that Professional Services contributes to achieving our mission.

Bethany Francis, Director of People, Performance, and Culture

Bethany gets excited about potential; In our clients, in our business evolution, in our Sparkrock people, and ultimately in our ability to affect change in everyone around us. She is focused on Sparkrock's incredible talent, ensuring we are all paddling in the same direction, and enjoying our journey as we go!