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10 Reasons you don't want to miss our Fuel Good Conference

by   Melissa Alvares on 06.07.17

Already know that Fuel Good is too good to miss? Then you can skip this blog post and go directly to our registration site.

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Why a Role-based Permissions Strategy is Critical for Human Services Agencies

by   Cait Abernethy on 06.02.17

Protecting your network and financial data, and ensuring the integrity of sensitive client information, rate high on the priority lists of every Human Services agency. In addition, more stringent privacy laws have imposed new levels of confidentiality on institutions that deliver health-related services, and as a result, permissions management has become a critical component in ensuring information security and access control.

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Greater Governance for Better School Boards: 3 Actionable Tips

by   Nicola Dickinson on 06.01.17

We know that good governance means you’ve got a good framework for decision-making, set responsibilities and roles for employees and constituents, and a mission to provide students with an education that will set them up for success.

But what about great governance? Taking that extra step towards peak performance boils down to two key factors: is your school board organized, and is your integrity always at 100%?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. No two school boards govern the exact same way. Governance guidelines are based on anything from past practice, to by-law rules, to pure policy. There’s no baseline for what creating great governance looks like - only a set of expectations that you need to fulfill, and a checklist of results that should be coming to fruition.

So here are some actionable tips for maintaining great governance at your K12 School Board:

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The Differences between In-House Payroll vs Outsourced Payroll [Part 2 of 3]

by   Stefanie Gause on 05.30.17

Welcome to Part 2 of Sparkrock’s three-part series on In-House vs Outsourced Payroll. If you haven’t done so already, please feel free to read Part 1 to get a basic understanding of the difference between the two methods of payroll.

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Reducing the Workload for Your HR Team

by   Meghan Holmes on 05.24.17

HR staff play a crucial role in your organization that affects your employees in many ways, and in smaller organizations, they usually have to be a jack of all trades. This puts a lot of pressure on your HR team to support employees while still managing and keeping the integrity of other projects, especially if employees are constantly coming to you with small, tedious tasks. 

Let's face it— there aren't enough hours in the workday for you to accomplish all of your HR responsibilities. 

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Sparkrock Announces Corporate Partnership with IARF

by   Melissa Alvares on 05.23.17

Sparkrock is pleased to announce a corporate partnership with the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, who represent nearly 80 member agencies providing services and supports in more than 900 locations across the state of Illinois from Galena to Karnak, Chicago to Metro East St. Louis, and Quincy to Danville. 

IARF was formed in the early 1970's by a small group of frustrated rehabilitation professionals. The Association arose out of the need for providers of community disability and mental health services and supports to be better represented in legislative and state policy decisions.

"Technology has changed the way business happens – in 1999 the Association received its first online membership application. We recognize that technology is an important business tool. Our commitment to service keeps us focused on our members and their communities. ." stated Janet S. Stover, President and CEO of IARF. "That same commitment encourages us to take advantage of technology when it broadens our audience, enhances communication, or improves our ability to deliver a quality product."

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The Benefits of In-House Payroll vs Outsourcing [Part 1 of 3]

by   Andrew Cheung on 05.22.17

Organizations are often thinking about how to better manage their payroll, and it’s no surprise why this is always top of mind - employees are the lifeblood of organizations and can account for around 80% of overall expenditure in the public sector. Ensuring that they are paid on time and correctly is of the utmost importance.

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From the 'First Date' onwards: 3 Important Steps When Picking a School Board ERP

by   Cait Abernethy on 05.17.17

Picking an ERP system to implement in your school board is very similar to picking a significant other. You want them to be reliable, hard-working, easy to deal with, anticipatory of your needs, and – let’s be honest – visually appealing…you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, after all.

You and your new ERP solution will (hopefully) be entering a long term relationship, so it’s vital that you choose one that meets all of your needs and makes your day to day role easier. Here are three important steps to take when entering into a relationship with a new ERP solution:

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WannaCry: Make sure your organization's systems are safe

by   James Faw on 05.15.17

At Sparkrock, we help Nonprofit organizations to continually leverage technology in order to more effectively deliver on their mission. However, the more you use technology to enhance productivity, the more vulnerable your organization becomes to things such as malware attacks.

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3 Trends that will Impact your Nonprofit’s Approach to Workforce Management in 2017

by   Cait Abernethy on 05.15.17

It’s hardly a secret that the nonprofit sector has long underinvested in its most valuable asset—its people! Over the last decade, this problem has gotten worse, not better.

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Searching for a Single Truth: 3 Problems Solved by an Integrated Finance System

by   Meghan Holmes on 05.08.17

We know building financial reports for your organization isn't a fun task, especially when your data is stored in different systems. Having information in multiple systems means you now have to gather and compile financial results and budgets from different sources and then import that data back into your finance system for reporting. This can create a lot of unnecessary headaches for you and your finance team.

Luckily, there's a better way to handle your day-to-day finance activities that will ease your pains and provide you with a single source of truth - the one financial dashboard to rule them all (as Frodo might say).

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