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Announcing Fuel Good 2019 Featured Keynote: Paralympic rower Victoria Nolan

by   Nikki Trinnear on 08.15.18

The purpose of the Fuel Good conference is to provide you with the inspiration and education you need to transform the operations of your nonprofit or K12 school board. That’s why every year we seek out speakers that will leave you excited to go out and make a positive difference. With this in mind, we think we’ve found the perfect keynote for Fuel Good 2019: Paralympic rower and bronze medalist Victoria Nolan!

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What's New With Fuel Good 2019

by   Nikki Trinnear on 07.31.18

In case you didn't hear, Fuel Good 2019 registration opened last week!

If you were one of the few people who couldn't make it to the 2018 conference, here is a quick summary of what you missed:

  • Over 130 individuals from nonprofits and K12 school boards came together in Toronto, Ontario for three days of inspired learning and networking.
  • Day 1: Pre-Conference Training all about deep-dive education on using the Sparkrock solution.
  • Day 2 and 3: Keynotes, breakout sessions, and endless networking opportunities. (And there are also some pretty fun parties and prizes thrown in to mix things up!)
As incredible as Fuel Good 2018 was, we think that we can make it even more spectacular for 2019. That's why we've taken your suggestions and made some exciting new changes to the conference. Keep reading to learn more about what's going to make Fuel Good 2019 the best yet.

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Why it's Time for Nonprofits to Invest in Their People - A Sparkrock Blog Series (Part 4 of 4)

by   Sparkrock on 05.24.18

The People Problem

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Why it's Time for Nonprofits to Invest in Their People - A Sparkrock Blog Series (Part 3 of 4)

by   Sparkrock on 05.16.18

Making it Work for the Digital Native

Workforce management means giving Millennials the technology they need (and expect)

Ashley, 24, heads home after her first week at the non-profit organization where she’s super pumped to work. Her passion for helping their inner-city clients is higher than ever… but she’s feeling less positive about the administrative antique show she witnessed.

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Why it's Time for Nonprofits to Invest in Their People - A Sparkrock Blog Series (Part 2 of 4)

by   Sparkrock on 05.08.18

In the first blog of this series, we looked at how the nonprofit and public sectors have lagged behind when it comes to investing in their workforce, and how this is limiting their ability to succeed within an ever-changing operating environment.

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Why it's Time for Nonprofits to Invest in Their People - A Sparkrock Blog Series (Part 1 of 4)

by   Craig Mundle on 04.27.18

We all know the harsh reality that the nonprofit and public sectors have struggled with the ability to invest in their people – the true driving force behind their mission. Over this four part blog series, Sparkrock will look into why these sectors have struggled to stay competitive in attracting and retaining top talent. We will also look at ways in which they can change course by adapting and modernizing to meet the demands of workforce management in the current realities.

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Where did you get that number? Fix your financial data accuracy and availability

by   Meghan Holmes on 04.24.18

Building financial reports for your organization isn't a fun task, especially when your data is stored in different systems. Having information in multiple systems means you have to gather and compile financial results and budgets from different sources and then import that data back into your finance system for reporting. This can create a lot of unnecessary headaches for you and your finance team.

Luckily, there's a better way to handle your day-to-day finance activities that will ease your pains and provide you with a single source of truth - the one financial dashboard to rule them all (as Frodo might say).

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Budgeting Tips and Takeaways for Human Services Leaders

by   Stefanie Gause on 04.24.18

Finance needs to be a strategic partner in any organization. So what's holding so many nonprofits back from effective integration? A shortage of resources and time means a lot of nonprofits are still focused on day-to-day budgeting such as paying bills and managing funding contracts. With so much on your plate, it's no easy task to find time for tactical and strategic planning. However, that time is crucial when it comes to moving from a support arm to an organizational partner helping deliver great outcomes to your clients.  Better budget management is a strategic change because it frees up time and resources that can go to delivering great services. 

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Dimensional Accounting: What it can do for your Nonprofit

by   Nikki Trinnear on 04.11.18

When you think of the phrase “Nonprofit financial accounting system” do any of the following come to mind: easy to understand, flexible reporting, or efficient and timely?

Chances are none of the above are what you think of when it comes to nonprofit accounting – and we don’t blame you! Every dollar made by a Nonprofit goes back into achieving their mission, so when organizations first start out they usually choose a Finance system that is inexpensive and fits their current needs. The problem is that as you grow, your needs become more complicated and the original solution chosen may not be robust enough to accommodate your growth. An area where it can become very complex and overwhelming is the chart of accounts (COA)In this blog we’ll explain how a dimensions-based COA will give you much more flexibility than a traditional segmented general ledger (GL). 

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Three Things Nonprofits Should Consider Before Outsourcing their Payroll

by   Stefanie Gause on 03.22.18

Working in the social and human services sector, I can tell you that I see a lot of failed attempts to outsource. For nonprofits like associations, small charities/foundations, or other agencies where a majority of employees are salaried (or on standard hours), outsourcing makes a ton of sense.

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Fuel Good 2018 Highlights

by   Nikki Trinnear on 02.23.18

Fuel Good 2018 was one for the books! With three days jammed full of inspiring keynotes, educational sessions, awesome food, and amazing people, the conference flew by. This year was our biggest yet, with more presenters, more attendees, and a new venue to hold it all together. With so much that happened we wanted to take this opportunity to recap the highlights of Fuel Good 2018 and get you inspired for the 2019 conference!

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