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4 Ways to Deal With Trump's Cuts to Human Services

by   Melissa Alvares on 03.16.17

We recently read the Washington Post's article on What Trump Cut in his Budget - and with an 18% cut to funding to the Department of Health and Human Services, we know that many of our customers are going to be affected. 

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Sparkrock Culture Code

by   Melissa Alvares on 03.15.17

All of us at Sparkrock have spent the last year thinking about what it means to work here. What personality traits do we look for in employees? How do we work with each other? What do we value most? We thought about what statements we use around the office, and how we explain our jobs to our friends and family.

We had discussions at town hall on these topics and took notes on all the conversations. From that we created our brand new Sparkrock Culture Code and we're excited to share it externally with all of you.

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How to Make Tough Decisions about Technology as a Nonprofit Leader

by   Cait Abernethy on 03.14.17

Technology is tough, but we all need it. Embracing it is pretty much an essential part of any organization. This is especially true when it comes to nonprofits. Database management, office and marketing automation, scheduling, reporting, etc., can all be massive time savers for a capacity-strapped organization. But the upfront costs and time delays of finding the right solution, and implementing it properly, can be daunting.

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What's Happening to Human Services? Why Employee Attrition is Off the Charts

by   Cait Abernethy on 03.10.17

Human Services are just that—human. They’re run for people, by people. That’s why the high staff turnover rate (24.26% in Child Welfare Services alone) in these types of organizations has critical implications for organizational effectiveness and human well-being. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Social Work it appears that there are five major reasons why support workers and frontline staff are choosing to leave human service organizations (and subsequently putting more work onto the remaining staff’s plates).

In order to fix a problem, you first need to identify what it is. So, while this post does highlight a number of problems, it also offers a solution. By recognizing these issues, Human Services can adapt within their orgnizations to become even more effective and continue to deliver the life changing services that improve our society.

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Sparkrock Announces Corporate Partnership with Provider's Council

by   Melissa Alvares on 03.09.17

Sparkrock is pleased to announce a Corporate Partnership with The Providers Council, a Massachusetts association of health and human service agencies. 

Human services refers to both state and private agencies and their employees who provide services for people who may need assistance or support, such as: people with developmental disabilities; people with physical disabilities; people with mental illness; children; elders/senior citizens; veterans; people who are homeless; people who are poor; people who are incarcerated or just released; people with certain health needs; and people who are abused. These groups of people are sometimes referred to as vulnerable populations.

The Providers Council represents hundreds of agencies across the field of health and human services that work with vulnerable populations

"The Providers' Council has come to be known as the official voice of the industry, and strives to best represent the needs and concerns of its members." stated Colin Dickinson, President of Sparkrock. "Sparkrock also shares this industry committment by creating software to help Human Services agencies serve more people with less effort, stress and expense. We are excited to work together with The Providers' Council and all their member agencies"

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How to Get your Constituents to Follow You on Social Media

by   Cait Abernethy on 03.08.17

It’s impossible to deny the ubiquity of social media platforms - it seems that everyone and their dog has a social media account of some sort these days. The reality is the that having a strong online presence has become important, and this is especially true for nonprofit organizations - whose causes rely heavily (and sometimes entirely) on their supporters. Since many nonprofits already have to deal with tight budgets and limited staff, social media isn’t always high on their priority list. However, while effective social media requires constant time and effort, the attention that your cause can garner along with the connections you can make with your audience are a worthwhile tradeoff.

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How to Ensure Adoption of your New Employee Self-Serve Software

by   Dhebi Hay on 03.07.17

When we talk about adoption, unfortunately we don’t mean bringing home puppies from the shelter. What we mean is the process by which end users become comfortable with and accept new technology; a process that can have significant consequences on the success of an implementation. If employees of an organization find a new technology to be cumbersome or difficult to use, they’re likely to continue performing duties as best they know how, or by creating workarounds for themselves. This can cost an organization time, effort, and dollars.

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8 Questions to Ask Before Starting your RFP Process

by   Craig Mundle on 03.06.17

A request for proposal (RFP) is an excellent tool for nonprofits to use to find the best products and services for their organization at competitive prices. Although it can take considerable time and effort, a well planned, written and executed RFP can be a game changer when it comes to finding a solution partner that truly understands your organisation’s goals, pain-points, and what functionality you need to ensure you continue to deliver on your mission. We know this can be a daunting task at times - so we are here to help! Below we have pulled together a list of 8 questions to ask yourself before you start the RFP process, which will point you in the right direction for a stronger and more effective RFP.

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3 New Dynamics NAV 2017 Features You'll Love

by   Andrew Cheung on 03.03.17

Microsoft is Sparkrock’s most valued partner because we build our products based on the Dynamics NAV foundation. As an important part of Microsoft’s business management offering for mid-sized organizations, NAV has more than 8 million users worldwide across 120,000 organizations and $11B in annual R&D budget.

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Sparkrock Announces Corporate Partnership with Benchmarks

by   Melissa Alvares on 03.02.17

Sparkrock is pleased to announce a Corporate Partnership with Benchmarks, an alliance of nationally accredited agencies committed to providing quality care, leadership, and accountability in services to children, adults, and families in North Carolina. 

"Benchmarks and Sparkrock share a common mission around helping people reach their full potential, contribute to their communities and live healthy lives." stated Colin Dickinson, President of Sparkrock. "Benchmarks achieves this through advocacy and education, and Sparkrock achieves this by creating software to help Human Services agencies serve more people with less effort, stress and expense. We are excited to work together with Benchmarks and all their member agencies"

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Key Takeaways from the "Transform the Sector" conference

by   Stefanie Gause on 03.01.17

Transform the Sector was an amazing, inspiring event! It’s not often that one is able to connect with so many great nonprofits with a passion for data at once.