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Nonprofit, school board, and human services organizational needs have changed more than ever in this economic landscape.  New revenue opportunities from social enterprises, complex government reporting, and demanding funders are examples of what organization face today.  These organizations are bigger, better, and stronger than before. Their digital transformation in both ERP and CRM mean more sophisticated technologies that meet intuitive solutions. Considering this and our consistent growth since 2003 we have decided to create a new brand from Altus Dynamics to Sparkrock and here’s why.

colin quote.pngDigital change in the nonprofit and public sector requires two core components – the ‘Spark’ - sparking changes in data, processes, and innovation, while ensuring the core foundational components in ERP and CRM are not compromised, which we refer to as the ‘Rock’.Sparkrock_Employee_Group_Shot.jpg

We are still the same company with the same amazing people that are dedicated to helping Nonprofits serve more people, with less effort, stress and expense.

So how does this change affect you? These are some questions you probably have:

Will your team at Sparkrock change? Most definitely not! Our team is the same and we hope continues to build on our nonprofit, social services and school board expertise and innovation year over year.

Is there a new owner of Sparkrock or Altus Dynamics? Nope.  Our business continues with the same operations and ownership as Altus Dynamics. Just a new name!

Will our solutions change? We want our solutions to continue to innovate which is why our R&D investments continue to grow as we continue to align with the Microsoft technology stack.   We know that change isn't always easy, and that you may have a lot of questions. So please reach out to your Customer Success Rep if you have any concerns or feedback.

So....what do you think about Sparkrock? Let us know in the comments box below!

Watch the Official Announcement: