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Dhebi Hay

Dhebi Hay
Dhebi Hay is a Client Success Representative here at Sparkrock, serving as a main point of contact for customers. Her education, NFP background, and passion for helping others put her in a unique position to understand customer’s experiences and help them get the most out of their solution.

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Do You Have What it Takes? Alliance Award Nominations are Now Open

by   Dhebi Hay on 12.02.16

It's almost our favourite time of the year again! No, we're not talking about the holidays, we're talking about our annual user conference - Altus Alliance! 

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The Sparkrock Ideas Portal - A Bright Idea

by   Dhebi Hay on 09.08.16

At Sparkrock, we don’t take shots in the dark when deciding what should be added to our product roadmap. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a product roadmap is a technology development plan that matches the goals or needs of organizations within our client base with specific technology solutions to help them meet those goals. All of the additions or improvements we make to our product roadmap, and subsequently our technology, derive from what we know would make our clients' jobs easier and more efficient. 

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What do the Olympics and Sparkrock Clients have in Common? Empowering Refugees

by   Dhebi Hay on 08.19.16

2016 marked the first year that a refugee team participated in the Olympics. The athletes came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Syria; and they represent the estimated 65 million refugees around the world. These athletes are symbols of those who've had to leave their homes, families, and lives behind them in order to find safety – but didn’t leave their drive, talent, or skill.

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Client Spotlight: Action Group

by   Dhebi Hay on 06.30.16

We might be biased, but we think that our clients are amazing. From providing unparallelled services to people with diabilities, to using play as a way of inspiring change in developing countries, to putting on Canada's largest community event - the people who use our solutions are truly passionate about making a difference in the communitites they serve.

Because we think that the work they do is so inspiring, we've decided to shine the spotlight on one customer a month to showcase the impact their organization makes. This month, we've decided to feature Action Group, who has been a loyal client of Sparkrock since 2014.

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Evergreen: We'll get you excited (instead of fearful) about upgrades!

by   Dhebi Hay on 04.26.16



At Sparkrock, we are constantly analyzing our customers' needs so that we can create better solutions that will truly benefit your organizations. One conversation that is always a difficult (and sometimes frustrating one) is when we talk to customers about upgrades.


Thankfully, our customers that are on our Cloud Subscription model are automatically updated to the latest versions as they come out. However, those that are on older on-premise versions have to regularly consider the option of upgrades, and figure out if and when it is the right time to do it.


"Our users don't have the time to learn something new."

"We're so far behind now, that an upgrade would be too disruptive."

"There's no way we can justisfy the cost."

"Are the benefits of the new version worth the effort?"

"The process of upgrading seems overwhelming."


These are just some of the things that come up in those conversations. That's what triggered us to decide we had to make the upgrade process something that organizations look forward to, instead of dread.

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