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Kevin Dayno

Kevin Dayno
Kevin is our Marketing Intern from the University of Waterloo

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Humans of Sparkrock - Jeff Rintoul

by   Kevin Dayno on 10.14.16

Here at Sparkrock, we are committed to empowering our customers by providing them with solutions that allow them to better serve their clients and reach their full potential. Our goal is to not only form a strong customer relationship, but to also establish a healthy long-term partnership with our customers. Jeff Rintoul, an Application Consultant in our Professional Services Department, is one of the many experienced and knowledgeable individuals who help us to attain this goal. Read on to hear about what Jeff has to say about his experience at Sparkrock and what motivated him to join the team.

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Humans of Sparkrock - Inga Bagrinceve

by   Kevin Dayno on 09.22.16

Welcome to another edition of Humans of Sparkrock! In our last segment we spoke with Yousuf Khan and John Koo about their roles in our Support Department and what they most enjoy about it. This time I had the chance to sit down with the newest member of our team, Inga Bagrinceve, who is working as an Application Consultant in our Professional Services Department. Read on to see what she had to say about working at Sparkrock and what she most enjoys about her position:

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Sparkrock is proud to be speaking at the ANCOR Technology Summit

by   Kevin Dayno on 09.15.16

Sparkrock is committed to empowering our clients through technology, which means ensuring that the products we offer are on the cutting edge of innovation and deliver tangible results to our clients. One way we accomplish this is by staying in the loop. Whether it be through communicating with existing clients or meeting other professionals in the Human Services industry, we believe it’s important to hear from people, first hand, how technology can help them continuously provide excellent services to the communities they serve. ANCOR’s Technology Summit provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

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