What we see coming for customers and staff in the months ahead

We’re looking ahead to big advances at Sparkrock in 2018, no easy act to follow after the banner year that was 2017!  In 2018, we are entering our 15th year of business at Sparkrock, and we have (top-secret) plans to celebrate our “crystal” anniversary.

What is crystal-clear right now is that Sparkrock is continuing to set itself apart from other providers of HR and finance and CRM solutions for nonprofits by building organizational business cases through benchmarking consulting, exclusively designed for nonprofits and school boards.

As well, Sparkrock will continue to focus on getting school board departments in HR, payroll and finance on the same page from a single, integrated solution, such as strategic and innovative school board specific HR features.  Additionally, nonprofit  human services benefits that include integrated employee scheduling features that gets supervisors and staff working successfully in tandem for clients in need. And in 2018, Sparkrock will offer ongoing learning and development resources for our community members.

Nonprofit and School Board Benchmarking

Most times, technology investments in the nonprofit sector can be challenging, and building the business case for technology spending can be time-consuming.  By doing this for the last 14 years, Sparkrock excels at providing aggregate ERP and CRM business process data that enables nonprofits and school boards to benchmark their operational efficiencies, so that organizations in the same vertical market can compare aggregated data on key operational processes. Industry benchmarking provides the advantage to report back to their boards of directors what their return on investment would be with ERP and CRM technology. That’s a huge service to nonprofits and school boards, and it’s a unique offering from Sparkrock!

Other front-burner opportunities for Sparkrock in 2018 include growing our customer engagement efforts by building knowledge management programs like learning paths for our solution’s users to become experts in our solutions which in turn makes them champions in making their impact in their organization. “We plan on scaling our user base to exceed 35,000 and to do that means providing best responsive and proactive support programs and highly intuitive solutions for our users. All the while we’ll be working to ‘keep our small company culture and family feeling’ as we scale up beyond 70 staff,” in the Toronto, Canada head office and our key customer geographies in Alberta, Virginia and Illinois and New York,” says Nicola Dickinson, VP, Customer Success.

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