Here at Sparkrock, we have a passion and commitment to connect with our clients in a way that allows us to understand their specific needs and deliver solutions that provide tangible results. That’s why our annual Sparkrock Alliance conference is such a special time of year for us.

With over 50 hours of knowledge-building presentations, keynotes, and hands on labs, Sparkrock Alliance is a can't-miss event for those who want to know more. It's for those who understand that technology is a constantly evolving force and wish to learn from industry leaders whose mission is to provide a solution that makes their lives significantly easier.

One of our many great presentationsBut the conference’s goal is not only to connect us at Sparkrock to our users, but to nurture peer-to-peer connectedness and the sharing of knowledge capital. By celebrating our client’s similarities and what makes them unique, we hope to foster continuous growth and collaboration for our users and help them make an enduring and positive difference in the communities they serve.

That’s why this year, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to offer our customers the opportunity to share what they know with their peers in an even more impactful way. This year we’re opening up the stage and giving our customers the microphone for a chance to share their industry best practices, tips and tricks, or personal learning stories of how they’ve overcome challenges in a presentation.

The presentations will be just under an hour long and are intended to let our clients learn from one another, rather than just from us. All of our clients use our solution in unique and interesting ways, so sharing this type of information with others helps us all to succeed.

The Thompson TorontoSo, are you a workflow wizard? A payroll prodigy? A scheduling superhero? From now until the end of October, fill in our Alliance Session Proposal Form and let us know what skills you've mastered and can share in a 50min presentation. If your topic is selected, you'll receive a complimentary conference pass and a free two-night stay at the sleek Thompson Toronto during the conference. Bonus!

As an example, topics could include:

  • How you built the business case to implement new technology at your organization
  • Best practices in ensuring no shift is left unfilled
  • How your school board is using online procurement to save money
  • Tips and tricks for creating effective workflows
  • How your organization is using WebApps to deliver better mobile services
  • New and exciting ways that your organization is fundraising or engaging donors

These topics are suggestions, but feel free to either use one of these or come up with an idea of your own! Submissions will be collected and reviewed at the end of October, and then we will work with all selected presenters to ensure that your presentation is not only valuable, but fun and engaging as well!

Have a great idea for a presentation topic? Let your voice be heard and submit your session topic proposal today!