PDF user guides are so last year.  Well, at least that's what we think.  

At Sparkrock, we know our solutions are critical to your operations running smoothly, and we're proud that our solutions give your organization the tools you need to make your difference. But what is one of the most important elements in the successful roll out of your new solution? We think it's our partnership working together before, during, and after your go-live so you continue to be happy with your decision to choose Sparkrock as your technology provider. 

We also believe you should never have to wait for answers to your solution questions. That being said, we are thrilled to announce a new and exciting way to learn about our solutions and services. Say goodbye to PDF user guides and searching your inbox for that product explainer email, and say hello to stress-free, easy-to-find answers. Today we are officially launching our Customer Success Center - a central, mobile, new and improved way to learn all about Sparkrock Manage and Engage solutions.

Nicola - Circle Cropped New.png"The Customer Success Center means so much to Sparkrock.  Your team is working hard to make a difference in your communities and for your clients and members.  You need central, reliable, quality solutions, and just like investing in features, this Customer Success Site investment means our Manage (ERP) and Engage (CRM) solutions are deeply rooted in easy and digestible online learning content that gives you the extra support you need in your critical applications so you can continue to do the great work you do."  

Nicola Dickinson,
VP of Customer Success

Helping You Help Yourself

Our new Customer Success Center provides easy-to-understand online content that helps your staff find the answers they need to how to use our solutions. In this new online knowledge hub, we've pulled together the latest information on setup and configuration, training, and user guides to help support you and your team, and to help you best utilize our solutions to accomplish your mission and serve your communities.

Google-like Searching

2017-03-29_9-55-11.pngRemember how you would get that PDF user guide and then have to print it off or scan it online to find that one screenshot you needed? How long did that take? Too long. Now that we've digitized and added all of our previous user guides to our new online platform, your staff can easily search for specific topics, functions, and keywords.  Just like Google, start with the search bar at the top of the page to find what you're looking for. Our Success Center suggests the articles and content that is most closely related to your search term. Providing you with the answers to your questions as quickly as posibble is our number one priority.

Seamless navigation

When you land on our new Customer Success Center homepage, our seamless content categories can also help you find information quickly and easily . Whether you're searching for general information or are ready to dive deeping into a certain category, we've got what you're looking for. Our content is grouped into the following categories:

                  2017-03-29_9-58-33.png                              2017-03-29_9-59-06.png
             All our information nicely pulled together                    Everything you'll need to know about our
            for our finance management functionality.                        workforce management solution.

                     2017-03-29_9-59-19.png                                       2017-03-29_9-59-45.png
               Includes all the resources you would                            This is where we'll keep you up to date  
            need to understand our donor and case                        on new features added to your solution. 
                         management solutions.

                                             We'll help you learn more about our customer programs,
                                             like Evergreen, Diamond Support, Managed Services, and
                                           other support programs. We'll also share step by step guides
                                                                   to rolling out your new solution. 

Once you dive deeper into the new categorization of Sparkrock Manage and Engage solutions, you can then navigate to the type of information that's right for you.

  • Learning Plans: Although this section is still in the works, it's our vision to build a step-by-step learning path across all of our solution areas.
  • Training: We've been investing in new online videos to give you a virtual walk-through of our functionality, and so you can see for yourselves how our solutions come together as a complete and integrated solution.
  • Using our Solutions:  We've pulled all of our content from our old User Guide PDFs into our new online platform so you can now access the information you need much quicker.
  • Setup and Configuration: This section is for your staff that need to understand any specific set up or configuration details.

An easier way to tell us what you think

It’s important that our new Customer Success Center is helpful to you and your organization and includes all the resources you need to effectively and efficiently use your solution. Your opinion matters, and with your feedback we can tailor our content to fit your needs and consistently make updates to articles that need improving.


You can now rate articles, and by signing up as a Sparkrock Community Member, you can leave feedback on articles that you liked or disliked and suggest ideas on how we can make improvements. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click on the Feedback box, tell us if you found the article helpful, and then leave us your suggestions.

Since this site is still in the works, we know it's not perfect just quite yet. Moving to this new online platform will take time, so please be patient with us and we'll work hard to ensure this site becomes your go-to place for information. We built this site for you, and your feedback will help us make it even better.

Join our Customer Community

We are excited to offer this value-added site to support your organization so you can get the most out of your solutions and get one step closer to accomplishing your goals. Like investing in new features and functions, this Customer Success Site investment means our Manage and Engage solutions are also deeply rooted in learning content for that extra support you need in your critical applications. 

So how can you join and access all these amazing features? Simply go to the Sparkrock Customer Success Center to start you experience, watch detailed how-to videos, and gain quick access to information on our solutions.

Become a Sparkrock Community Member by sending an email to support@sparkrock.com. When you become a Sparkrock Community Member, you can leave feedback, make suggestions for improvements, and you could even get a free t-shirt!  The first 25 Community Member sign ups receive a Sparkrock t-shirt of your choice featuring one of our nine awesome culture code statements.