How do you currently schedule your employees?

According to a Payroll Association study, almost 20 percent of you will shrug and respond “using a pen and paper.” Ouch.

Unfortunately, this old-school approach can reduce both your organization’s ability to properly manage labour costs and the accuracy of your employee time tracking. Additionally, managers are wasting time manually creating employee schedules while employees are inconvenienced by having to drive to their work location to see their shifts.

If your human service organization still conducts scheduling and time tracking manually, I’m sure the following situation will sound pretty familiar:

After spending several hours painstakingly scheduling your staff to meet employee requests, minimize overtime, and honour seniority, you post the schedule. An hour later, you receive an email from an employee letting you know that he is unable to work a shift you assigned him at a group home because he has already been assigned to supported independent living. You now have to find another worker (no small feat) who is available to fill the shift (possibly paying overtime), manually update your payment records, and correct the schedule at the home location.  

The good news is that with the Sparkrock scheduling tool, all of this wasted time and frustration can easily be avoided.

Many scheduling applications allow employees to submit their availability or time-off requests online from their computers, where the information is then automatically sent to the manager, who can use the application to create a schedule quickly and efficiently. While this software is fairly inexpensive and significantly more efficient then the “pen and paper” method, it lacks time tracking abilities and the ability to integrate with other software.

stress_free.jpgAt Sparkrock we take digital scheduling a step further by not only tracking scheduled hours, but also the actual number of hours worked. The information is then automatically sent to their manager to confirm, and all of this information is seamlessly integrated with finance and payroll. Since it was designed specifically for the human services sector, the software was created to handle even the most irregular of schedules and can even automate the allocation of hours to eliminate time sheet calculations.

Additionally, employee self-service through our WebApps portal means that it’s easy for your employees to log in and update their contact information, view their schedule, request shift changes, bid on open shifts, or view their paystubs, T4s or ROEs - reducing your internal paper processes and saving a tree or two!

These days, human service organizations are switching to digital systems at an incredible rate because of their ability save time and money while reducing errors. Is it time for your organization to make the switch as well? Discover the five things you'll love most about our scheduling tool or download our whitepaper on Integrated Employee Scheduling for more information on how our scheduling tool will simplify your scheduling processes.

Want to learn more about Sparkrock's Employee Scheduling solution and see it in action? Request a free personalized demo with one of our product pros today!

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