The Sparkrock team has been busy doing some exciting work on our Employee Scheduling solution to bring greater value and improve the overall experience for our customers. As an essential part of Sparkrock’s all-in-one solution, Employee Scheduling offers easy online scheduling across all programs, staff, and locations. As our clients’ organizations grow, they have more sophisticated needs and more elaborate challenges to tackle. That’s why we completely reinvented our Employee Scheduling solution and built an even more comprehensive solution to handle our clients’ most complex requirements. 

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to 6 updated features and share some insights on how you can use the solution to improve scheduling at your organization.

Get in-depth information to make your funders happy

Your funders want detailed information on how the donations they provide impact your programs and clients. It’s easy to determine this information if your employees only work with one client or program per shift, but what happens if an employee works with multiple clients and programs in a single shift? In this case, how can you accurately track how much time the employee spent per client and program?

With our solution, your organization can track the time and resources allocated to multiple clients and programs within a single shift by breaking down a shift into Activities and associating clients and programs with these Activities. This information then flows seamlessly into payroll, which provides information for the various reports your organization produces for funders.

Employee Scheduling softwareReduce your payroll staff’s headaches

Imagine you have an employee who requires fluctuating compensation for different tasks within a single shift. Unfortunately, most solutions will only allow you to associate one pay rate to each shift, which means that your payroll staff will need to do tedious manual work to determine how much to pay this employee.

With Sparkrock’s scheduling solution, you can easily create different pay rates for a single shift. By breaking down a shift into Activities and assigning each Activity with its own corresponding pay rate, you can easily create shifts with complex compensation structures, and let your payroll staff feel at ease knowing they won’t be burdened with unnecessary manual calculations.

Greater flexibility in scheduling by location

If you're in charge of scheduling for multiple locations within a large geographic area, you may not want to schedule an employee to work at a location that is far from where they live. Also, if you have different wings, floors, or buildings within one location, then scheduling employees by location may be too general for you. For the two scenarios above, you limit your ability to create schedules effectively if your solution cannot break down locations in detail.

Employee Scheduling softwareOur Scheduling solution uses Areas and Units to help you enjoy more sophisticated scheduling. You can group multiple locations to one Area and then assign employees to that Area. This allows you to easily group and schedule employees by various factors such as how close they live to particular locations. In contrast, Units break down a particular location into different “parts,” such as wings, floors, and buildings. This allows you to easily schedule employees by Units for scenarios where scheduling by location is not detailed enough, such as if certain floors in a building require employees to hold a particular certification.

With this new functionality, your scheduler will enjoy greater flexibility in creating detailed schedules, get better tracking on your locations, and use more in-depth data for reporting.

Easily schedule complex patterns

If you schedule employees in complex patterns that do not align to calendar weeks or pay periods, it can be a hassle to match shifts against pay dates. With this in mind, we upgraded our solution so that you can now do this in a few simple clicks. Whether your schedule is the same for weeks or if you follow specific patterns (ie 3 days on, 3 days off for the next 6 weeks), our solution can handle this for you!

Employee Scheduling softwareLet your scheduler fill urgent shifts

We understand that one of the things keeping your scheduler up at night is the worry that they may not be able to fill vacant shifts. Imagine a scheduler has a shift they need to fill urgently, but your scheduling solution does not have a way to reach out and offer the shift to certain employees.

You can now give your scheduler peace of mind by using our solution to create a list of employees by priority, availability, and targeted hours for a given period (ie day vs month), and seasily end them an email from within the Scheduling solution offering them to take over the shift.

Increase productivity with shorter processes and fresh UI

We have simplified our solution so that you can be more productive with scheduling. Since employees and supervisors use the solution differently, it makes sense to offer each of them a unique, tailored experience so they find what they need quickly and easily. On top of this, we have added Filters to help you drill down to the information you need even faster. Finally, we have a brand new user interface so that you can enjoy a better visual experience.

Employee Scheduling softwareWant to learn more about Sparkrock's Employee Scheduling solution and see it in action? Check out our upcoming Product Release Webinar on Employee Scheduling happening next month! Click on the link below to find out more.

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