together-for-the-greater-goodAt Sparkrock, our team is made up of highly skilled people with a diverse range of talents, and every individual on our team is dedicated to providing benefits to non-profit and public sector organizations. Through hard-work and creativity, our team is able to create, build and facilitate innovative technological solutions for our growing customer base.

We recognize that employees are the backbone of any organization, so in order to ensure that we provide quality services we first ensure that we prioritize our staff. For this reason, we strive to maintain a very inclusive and open culture here at Sparkrock. Our physical office boasts open-concept desks, a single location for all levels of staff and management, and whiteboard walls throughout the building. This structure allows for easy communication and quick brainstorming at any time, boosting productivity and improving processes.




Our culture is something that we pride ourselves very much on, as this is the platform upon which we have built our success. We share many of the same values that our customers hold, and we have woven these values into our work environment. Our office is full of live plants, we provide free fresh fruit in our kitchen, we offer weekly yoga classes to our employees and we grant our employees time off annually in which they can volunteer at the charity or foundation of their choice.

As our customer base grows, so must our organization size. Therefore, we are continually on the search for great people. We are looking for driven, dedicated and skilled individuals who truly care about the social benefit sector and all of the good it can do. If you believe that you could be one of these individuals, check out our careers page for openings and how to apply.