Drum roll please…

We’re proud to announce the nominees for the Fuel Good 2018 Customer Awards! 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Sparkrock, so every year at Fuel Good we present three different awards as a way to thank them for their efforts in their digital transformations and positive contributions to society. The nominees are all truly exceptional examples of technological excellence in nonprofit, education, and human services organizations everywhere. 

This year we had over 30 different organizations nominated across the Impact, Innovate, and Customer of the Year Awards, and it took extensive deliberation to narrow the list down to a top three. We wish we could recognize all nominees, but the list would never end! 

The winners of these awards will be recognized at Fuel Good 2018, receive a custom crystal trophy, and earn between $1500 (Impact and Innovate Awards) and $5000 (Customer of the Year Award) in credit for Sparkrock services.

So, without further ado, here are the finalists!

The Impact Award: This award is presented to a customer whose solution has had the greatest impact on their organization by improving operations or process efficiency and effectiveness, and services that impacted their social cause and community benefit. 

  • Kenora Association for Community Living:  Scaling their community reach was a key driver for embarking on their digital transformation.  Their digital transformation needed to include improved  operational impact on their processes in accounting, employee management, staff scheduling and payroll.  Coming from multiple disconnected systems and with over 200 employees on payroll there was a lot at stake for a successful go-live. To ensure success, their key stakeholders were proactive in their learning about their Sparkrock solution. It was their operational knowledge that led to good solution set up decisions, and those decisions turned into operational efficiencies, leading to a greater community impact. 
  • Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan: This organization had to scale fast as the newly appointed provider of Teacher Benefits in Ontario, serving benefit programs to every teacher in Ontario. Their legacy solution no longer met the needs of their operations, which meant a sprint to a go-live on a new Sparkrock solution. The combination of their project management expertise, operational knowledge, and sophisticated reporting abilities gave them the recipe for success they needed. 
  • New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families: This long-standing customer with Sparkrock was ready to scale for great growth. Working together since 2009, New Directions and Sparkrock were on board to continue to evolve their ERP and CRM transformation. Following off the heals of a successful ACCPAC conversion to Sparkrock, they were ready to gain improved automation to their employee management and payroll processes.  First and foremost on the agenda, was to integrate data and processes and improve data (as a large number of their clients are children) . The New Direction team was ready for the challenge and there is no doubt they have what it takes to make this project successful. Bright people, positive outlook, and rock sold alignment across HR, Finance, and Payroll are all the characteristics we loved about this organization.  

The Innovate Award: This award goes to a client whose innovative use of technology has benefited the organization in many ways and has led them to become a technology leader in their sector. 

  • York Region District School Board:  This education thought leader has heart and it comes through in each interaction with the stakeholders in their Sparkrock solution. York Region DSB has proven time and time again they have the smarts to innovate. We've been working with York Region DSB since 2007 and this partnership foundation is based on innovation and challenging and learning together. Their latest innovation includes rolling out a purchasing clearing house to reducing spend, that ties directly back to Sparkrock solution.
  • The Learning Enrichment Foundation:  Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) serves thousands of families each year in the Toronto, Canada area. This Sparkrock customer is always looking for the best way they can serve their community - from turning a warehouse in Toronto into a thriving community hub, to the many different community programs for adults, youth, and children they provide. Meeting the demands of their growth meant transforming their accounting solution. The first place they wanted to start was getting to the cloud - and fast. They applied their entrepreneurial know-how, determination, and innovative accounting in the best way LEF knew how, with heart.
  • New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families: This customer is consistently looking for ways to always be better. Every choice they have made in their digital transformation has been with their clients best interest in mind. They have plans to integrate their Sparkrock ERP solution with CRM to add security to their highly sensitive client information, and are ensuring they have an updated solution in place so that they are able to reallocate resources from clerical to analytical, which will lead to the greatest impact they can make.

The Customer of the Year Award: This is awarded to the client that has gone above and beyond in every sense, and has made the greatest impact in regards to their mission and the lives they serve in 2017. 

  • Grey Bruce Health Unit This customer has the makings of a smart and ambitious management team. Operational quality improvements are the mandate for digital transformation. From the start they understood the value of leadership alignment and how it correlates to digital transformation across Accounting, HR, and Payroll. They enabled great engagement with their program directors who became their champions in their Sparkrock employee center roll out across up to 300 staff in the Grey Bruce County in Canada. Key stakeholders at this health unit also were steadfast in their system roll out despite staff changes.  
  • Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Our relationship with LAO goes back to 2004. This customer continues to challenge us, ensuring we always strive for greatness in our delivery and support. They are active on our Customer Advisory Board and provide solution and delivery feedback consistently.
  • North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit: This customer not only contributes greatly to the communities they serve, but to the Sparkrock customer community as well. This customer actively participates in the Sparkrock Customer Advisory Board, leads discussions in public sector accounting best practices, and most recently lead an important discussion and presentation in governmental reporting changes.  

Thank you to all of our amazing customers and congratulations to all of the nominees. We look forward to announcing the winners at the Customer Awards Luncheon on February 8th during our Fuel Good 2018 conference.

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