Welcome back to a new edition of Humans of Sparkrock! In our last segment, I spoke with Suzy Kostanteenabout her role in our Professional Services Department. Here at Sparkrock, we're all about making our clients happy and ensuring they get the most out our solutions, and Rhett Williams, one of our Master Consultants, uses his vast experience in the software industry to help us reach our goals and to help clients make an impact in their communities. Read on to see what Rhett had to say about working at Sparkrock and what he enjoys most about his position:

What motivated you to join the team at Sparkrock?2017-02-23_11-00-23.jpg

My wife actually worked at Sparkrock before I did and every day she would come home with a smile on her face, telling stories about how friendly her coworkers were and how fun the workplace culture is. This is what initially "sparked" my interest. I first joined as a Project Manager before becoming a Consultant, and immediately understood all of the things my wife had been talking about. Aside from being a friendly work environment, there is a certain level of trust across the company, from the management team down to the consultants, which is something I really appreciate. 

How do your career, your passions, and your life come together?

My past careers and experiences have revolved around software, technology, and accounting, and through these experiences I'm able to understand people's business needs on a deeper level. I find it really rewarding to develop a relationship with a client and engineer amazing solutions that they love. 

When did you know working at Sparkrock was the best decision for you?

There wasn't a specific moment for me, but working with the people at Sparkrock and helping our clients makes every day enjoyable and worthwhile. When I began to build relationships with our clients and really understand their mission and needs, I realized that helping nonprofits and working at Sparkrock was where I was supposed to be. 

What has been your favourite moment at Sparkrock so far?

My favourite moment so far had to be when I successfully went live with the first client I dealt with as a Consultant. We had worked together as a team every step of the way, including the planning, building, and implementation of the solution. There were no issues and the client felt that it had all come together nicely. There was a lot of satisfaction on both ends in what we had accomplished together and how this new solution would help them achieve their goals. 

What do you most enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I love riding my motorcycle and it's something I'm really passionate about. Having discovered the happiness that a motorcycle can bring late in life, I spend every moment that I can on the road, riding more than 14,000km every season and going on long roadtrips.

Other than riding my motorcycle, I like to write blogs... about motorcycling. My blog, The Not so Easy Rider, features posts about motorcycling and my travels, but I occasionally lose my steam and suffer from writer's block (code for "got lazy"). In the winter seasons when I can't ride, I tackle a lot of DIY renovations and pretend I know everything about carpentry, plumbing, and tiling.

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