Microsoft is Sparkrock’s most valued partner because we build our products based on the Dynamics NAV foundation. As an important part of Microsoft’s business management offering for mid-sized organizations, NAV has more than 8 million users worldwide across 120,000 organizations and $11B in annual R&D budget.

We’re very excited to hear about the new release of Dynamics NAV 2017 and how it will bring greater functionality to our customers. This release enhances existing core functionality and adds new offerings to improve upon the overall experience, such as integrations and intelligence capabilities. The following graphic depicts how Microsoft has broken down the update to NAV 2017.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ERP

We have summarized 3 of our favorite features to give you a sneak peak of what to expect in this new version of NAV 2017:

In-Office 365 experience

One of the best qualities about Dynamics NAV 2017 is its commitment to bringing together productivity tools and business processes in a seamless, all-in-one experience to help you increase productivity and reduce errors.

If your organization uses Office 365, NAV 2017 includes an add-in so you can perform many processes right within Outlook! For instance, you can invoice customers based on calendar entries in Outlook: From a calendar appointment, open the NAV add-in to get an overview of the customer associated with the appointment, and create and send an invoice in the meeting.

Furthermore, you can use the NAV add-in to import information automatically from email attachments into NAV, and synchronize Contacts from NAV with those in Office 365, such that changes to one will be applied to the other as well.

Embedded Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft business intelligence and analytics solution that helps organizations gain insights quickly and easily by allowing end users to create reports and dashboards without depending on IT or database staff.

Power BI is embedded into Dynamics NAV 2017 so users can create charts and reports in Power BI and make them available within NAV 2017. This helps users get the information they need to perform their jobs without leaving NAV, which allows organizations to be more productive in accessing key insights quickly. Gone are the days where users have to switch between applications to see their data!

Cortana Intelligence

Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant that uses big data and analytics to assist organizations with daily operations. You can now use Dynamics NAV 2017 to send data to Cortana and receive forecasts back. Employees can create forecasts without requiring assistance from data experts, and organizations can democratize data by allowing employees to access insight they need to be effective at their jobs.

For instance, imagine how useful it can be to create budget proposals based on previous years’ trends: NAV can provide Cortana with the last 2 years of G/L Account information and ask for a prediction of the following year.

We build our products on Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s foundation, which means that as Microsoft continues to improve its platform, Sparkrock’s all-in-one solution will become even more comprehensive and bring greater value for our clients. Would you like to find out how you can use our solution to be more effective in your managing your operations? Schedule a personalized demo today!

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