Building financial reports for your organization isn't a fun task, especially when your data is stored in different systems. Having information in multiple systems means you have to gather and compile financial results and budgets from different sources and then import that data back into your finance system for reporting. This can create a lot of unnecessary headaches for you and your finance team.

Luckily, there's a better way to handle your day-to-day finance activities that will ease your pains and provide you with a single source of truth - the one financial dashboard to rule them all (as Frodo might say).

Do these problems sound familiar? 


Can you trust the information stored across all of your systems? You might think you can, but when other staff members or departments have access to these systems or spreadsheets, information is constantly being overwritten and updated. It's easy for there to be conflicting information. Figuring out what data is correct and up-to-date becomes a challenge, and leaves you questioning if you've completed your work correctly.

With an integrated system, you can trust that all your financial information is being instantly shared across all relevant functionalities and can remove any doubts of the information you need being out of date or incorrect. Plus, you'll be able to access your "single source of truth" without having to swap between different systems and screens, or have to manually enter data multiple times. 

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You're busy, we get it! That means you don't have time to spend hours maneuvering through different systems to find the right information you need. If your organization is dealing with separate systems or is paper based (eek!), all of that data needs to be imported and exported which can be very time consuming.

There are better uses for your time than worrying about gathering, importing, and exporting information, and an integrated system can help you become more efficient in your business processes. With an integrated system, you can find and access your information quickly and easily and generate reports with the click of a button. With an all-in-one system, you'll be done those reports in no time. 


Manually having to import and export data from different systems is not only time consuming, but it allows room for error when generating reports. Ensuring your information is error-free is crucial to your role - one mistake could lead to a small inconvenience or could possibly cause major problems within your organization. These problems could be things such as someone not getting paid correctly, expenses being improperly claimed, inaccurate numbers when you have to report back to your funders, or holes in your data that cause your executive leadership team to make bad decisions.

Having all of your information stored in one integrated system removes the chance for errors and ensures that your team members are getting the right information. Everyone's happy!

The right tech solution can prevent these problems by integrating databases, tracking changes, and allowing pre-set reports that you can pull every month or quarter depending on your reporting needs.

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Ready to find a solution?

With Sparkrock's integrated All-in-One System you can properly track your finances and get accurate reporting data that you can trust. We have all the features we know you'll love, including:

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Real-time reporting and live dashboards


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Comprehensive financial operation fundamentals, like budgeting and expense requests



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Easy to use, configurable role centres with employee and manager self-service



With Sparkrock, all of your information lives in one system to help your organization become more efficient and effective in accomplishing your goals. Our solution combines Finance, Workforce Management, Scheduling, Case Management and Donor Management into one easy to use, Microsoft-based platform.

An all-in-one system that can do it all? See it to believe it! We’ll walk you through the solution and show you how you can use it to transform your organization. Book your free personalized demo by clicking below.

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