All of us at Sparkrock have spent the last year thinking about what it means to work here. What personality traits do we look for in employees? How do we work with each other? What do we value most? We thought about what statements we use around the office, and how we explain our jobs to our friends and family.

We had discussions at town hall on these topics and took notes on all the conversations. From that we created our brand new Sparkrock Culture Code and we're excited to share it externally with all of you.

What's a Culture Code?

William Craig, a contributor at Forbes, wrote in a blog post that company culture "is every bit as important as a paycheck." It can be defined in Wikipedia as the Company vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits.  But it's a lot more than that. It's the operating system of any great organization.

So many companies we admire such as Hubspot, Netflix, Zappos have all taken the time to clearly define the culture and values of their organization. They also expressed them in statements that have a lot of meaning to employees and are memorable. So our marketing team took all our internal discussions and distilled them into 9 statements. Then we of course had to design super cool Tshirts to go along with them AND allow every employee to pick the shirt that they feel they represents them the best:

goodisthenewgangsta.png 1. GOOD IS THE NEW GANGSTA

When I'm working with a customer, I can see how the result of the project is going to make them more efficient, which in turn allows them to focus on their mission of making the world a better place. 


- Jeff Rintoul, Professional Services Team





We push our clients to be performance driven, outcomes focused organizations and I believe in holding myself/my colleagues to the same standards!


- Stef Gause, Sales Team




Because I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard work, commitment and dedication. So I believe I create my own fate. I also wanted a shirt that would work for when I wore it to the gym!


 - Fady Yossef, Project Management



Diana B - Customers over everything.jpg


When I work with our customers, it's all about putting them as people first. I want to understand their goals and what they need to be successful not only in their jobs, but also in the mission of their organization. Their success is the most important thing to me.


- Diana Budreau, Customer Success Team



 5. DO ALL doallthingswithpurpose.pngTHINGS WITH PURPOSE

I chose this because this is exactly how I work.  There is a purpose to every task I work on that is for the good of our clients and SPARKROCK.

- Peggy Perciasepe, Knowledge Services & Support Team





It’s the first thing that strikes you about Sparkrock and first impressions do stick with you. When you walk in the door here, you’re immediately immersed in an open, bright space full of whiteboard walls, greenery and skylights. It’s a space that enables you to think clearly, to brainstorm, and to collaborate easily. My coworkers – and the clients we work with here at Sparkrock—are some of the most intelligent and hard-working folks I’ve ever met. It’s really motivational to work with everyone at this caliber. People who are creative yet organized, focused yet fun-loving, and so bright.

- Dhebi Hay, Project Management

bethespark.png7.  BE THE SPARK

Creating a technology that sparks joy helps the work feel more meaningful. Knowing that our clients get a product that will help drive their cause and create transformation that will help those organizations succeed and ultimately help people makes me feel like we’re a part of something bigger than just a technology project. It feels great knowing our skills and abilities help drive an organizations’ transformation towards their cause.


- Irina Kon, Product Innovation Team


fiestyrespect.png8. FIESTY | RESPECT

I picked Fiesty|Respect, firstly because it contained the word Respect. Showing and earning a person’s respect is fundamental to working with people. Secondly I thought it best described the type of interactions needed in Support, where it’s important for us to ask the right questions, to understand the real problem.


- Angela Maron, Knowledge Services & Support Team




Our IT systems are what Sparkrock is built on and it's my job to make sure they are reliable and "Rock Solid". Also, being in IT everyone internally in our organization depends on me to make sure their systems are up and running.


- Wilkin Shum, IT 


A culture code is a constant work in progress. We realized that some of these statements we totally live up to today, but others as aspirational and we want to continue to strive to get there. We also know that things may change as our company continues to grow and evolve, so we'll update this blog post if new statements ever get added.

View our entire Culture Code deck on LinkedIn Slideshare:

What do you think about our Culture Code? Would you want to work for us? If you are a customer, do you feel our culture come through when we work with you? Does your organization have a culture code?
Share your comments below - we'd love to hear them!