How many times have you gone to a "networking event" to meet and connect with those in your industry, only to leave feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with the conversations had? Often these events have good intentions to help people build professional relationships, but miss the mark on delivering a quality experience. They are crowded, unstructured, and not specific enough on the focused industry. Well we're here to make a change, and give you the opportunities you've been looking for.

Sparkrock's first priority is customers. We only work with Nonprofit, K12 Education, and Human Services Organizations, and are focused solely on these sectors. Meaning that when we bring customers together, they will inherently have something in common and be able to learn and grow from one another. That's why we're committing to host frequent meetups - specific to the industry and location of our customers - so that there are more opportunities for those that "fuel the good" in their organizations to connect.

The purpose of Sparkrock Meetups are to provide the inspiration, education, and community connections our customers need to transform the operations of their Nonprofit. It’s not just about technology, it’s about new approaches, new processes and being able to serve more people with less effort, stress and expense. 

It’s about reducing administrative burden so that they can focus on their mission.


We've already began rolling out our new meetup agenda by hosting a K12 specific event in September and an Ottawa Meetup in November of this year. For our K12 meetup we brought together over 30 attendees, across 12 Ontario school boards, to discuss issues and trends most prevalent in the province, and listen to the amazing guest speakers that were lined up. The day proved to be an exciting and engaging one as we kicked off the event with an open discussion highlighting key objectives and challenges faced by the boards in Ontario as well as key initiatives designed to increase the Sparkrock K12 ERP solution’s value and effectiveness.

colin in ottawa-427699-edited.jpg

At our Ottawa Meetup we were fortunate enough to be able to host it at the beautiful Canadian Museum of History, who is actually a Sparkrock customer! We shared some ideas around the importance of impact reporting and what metrics need tracking in organizations in attendance. In this meeting we were able to foster some great, in-depth conversations because of the small and intimate setting. 

So, if you are looking for your next chance to get out there and make lasting connections, learn new skills, and build your business acumen, get ready for Sparkrock Meetups! Our next, and biggest, networking event is our annual Fuel Good Conference - if you haven't registered for it already, what are you waiting for?!

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