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Key Takeaways from our recent K12 Meetup!

by   Nicola Dickinson on 10.11.17

On September 28th, Sparkrock brought together over 30 attendees, across 12 Ontario school boards, to discuss issues and trends most prevalent in the province, and listen to the amazing guest speakers that were lined up. The day proved to be an exciting and engaging one as we kicked off the event at the Ontario Science Center with an open discussion highlighting key objectives and challenges faced by the boards in Ontario as well as key initiatives designed to increase the Sparkrock K12 ERP solution’s value and effectiveness.

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How to Build a Successful K12 ERP Finance Implementation Team

by   Laura Isaac on 08.15.17

So, you're thinking of implementing a new ERP system at your school board? We get it, it can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The reasons to move to a modern financial system are endless, but the hurdles to get there can seem daunting. No one likes change, and no one has the time to implement change on top of everything else that they have on their plate. Right? Well, I hope that I can shed a bit of light on how we at Waterloo Catholic DSB embarked on our ERP implementation so that it can help you in your upcoming project.

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From the 'First Date' onwards: 3 Important Steps When Picking a School Board ERP

by   Cait Abernethy on 05.17.17

Picking an ERP system to implement in your school board is very similar to picking a significant other. You want them to be reliable, hard-working, easy to deal with, anticipatory of your needs, and – let’s be honest – visually appealing…you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, after all.

You and your new ERP solution will (hopefully) be entering a long term relationship, so it’s vital that you choose one that meets all of your needs and makes your day to day role easier. Here are three important steps to take when entering into a relationship with a new ERP solution:

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Sparkrock Announces new Integration to eBASE Software to better serve the K12 School Board industry

by   Melissa Alvares on 05.01.17

Sparkrock and DMS Technologies Inc. are excited to announce they will soon have out of the box integration between their solutions. 

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5 Questions Every K12 School Board Should Ask their Technology Provider before Purchasing Software

by   Nicola Dickinson on 03.21.17

Ontario school boards do everything they can to keep their employees happy and create safe and effective learning environments for their students. At the same time, these boards operate with limited administrative budgets, so every penny counts and being productive is very important. This means that choosing the right technology partner for your Finance, HR and Payroll needs can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time to evaluate vendors and trust that the company pitching you a solution is the best one for you. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the 5 most important questions you should ask any solution provider before purchasing their software:

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Maintaining Ministry Standards: Best Practices for K12 Reporting

by   Natalie Khan on 08.18.16

Sometimes it seems as though K12 school boards spend the majority of their time creating reports. From internal reporting, to reports for your funders and for the Ministry, the process is often tedious and time consuming. But that's not the only challenge school boards are facing when it comes to reporting. They are also dealing with the constant struggle to keep up with changing Ministry requirements.

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HR & Payroll Issues K12 School Boards Face (And How to Deal With Them)

by   Natalie Khan on 08.10.16

Whether you’re in Finance, HR, Payroll, or IT, you face the same big challenge—how best to manage the growing complexity of school business operations, while confronting shrinking budgets and growing mandates for stricter accounting and reporting standards.

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Change management & other secrets to a successful K12 ERP Implementation

by   Stefanie Gause on 06.24.16

As part of our K12 Executive Briefing that took place in Waterloo last week, I had the opportunity to share a few best practices when it comes to the change management needed when changing your K12 Finance and HR/Payroll solution.

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K12 Trends to Watch in 2016

by   Nikki Trinnear on 06.23.16

Article originally published by EducationDive 

To an outsider looking in, the K12 space appears to be one that avoids change and sticks to what is tried and true. Little do they know how dynamic this sector is and the large scale changes that may be coming its way. A number of issues are on the horizon ready to shape K12 over 2016. From intense budget crunches to unique changes in learning plans for individual students, here are a few of the trends affecting K12:

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Best Practices to Ensure a Smooth K12 ERP Implementation

by   Cait Abernethy on 06.20.16

At the moment, many school boards are deciding to ditch their archaic ERP technology for more robust solutions that offer powerful functionality designed specifically for K12 School Boards. With an exceptionally easy user experience for both teachers and staff, this new technology lightens the load of financial and administrative teams so they can get more done in less time, creating a better learning environment for students.

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