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Announcing Updates to our Employee Scheduling Software

by   Andrew Cheung on 03.01.17

The Sparkrock team has been busy doing some exciting work on our Employee Scheduling solution to bring greater value and improve the overall experience for our customers. As an essential part of Sparkrock’s all-in-one solution, Employee Scheduling offers easy online scheduling across all programs, staff, and locations. As our clients’ organizations grow, they have more sophisticated needs and more elaborate challenges to tackle. That’s why we completely reinvented our Employee Scheduling solution and built an even more comprehensive solution to handle our clients’ most complex requirements. 

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Growth Driven Design: Critical systems need to keep up with the times

by   Melissa Alvares on 02.17.17

There's a lot of things out there to keep up with. Fashion trends change every season, that new Netflix series that "everyone" is talking about, the latest new smart phone, fun new apps - the list never ends.

While it's not that important for you to keep up with the new "mom jeans" trend, what IS important is that your technology keeps up with both internal and external changes.

Your organization is continually evolving, taking on new employees, new programs, new grants and funding sources. Then add on top of that external influences such as regulatory changes, new reporting requirements, and increased demand for your services. Your Finance, HR, Payroll and Case Management systems may be perfectly suited to your organization at the Go-Live date, but within a year, or even a few months things may be out of date.

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The Moneyball Approach to Nonprofit Management

by   Mark Knill on 02.13.17

Nonprofits and government organizations play a vital role in the progression and success of individuals and their communities. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are feeling the pressures of underfunding and are being outshined by their corporate counterparts.

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"And the nominees are..." Alliance 2017 Customer Awards Nominees

by   Meghan Holmes on 01.13.17

Drum roll please…

We’re proud to announce the nominees for the Alliance 2017 Customer Awards! 

For the past few years, we have presented awards to our valued customers at our annual conference. We greatly appreciate everything our clients do, and these awards are a way for us to thank them for their efforts in their implementations, cooperation, and positive contributions to society. These customers and their nominations were truly exceptional, and their accomplishments should be viewed as examples of technological excellence in nonprofit, education, and public sector organizations everywhere. 

 And this year’s nominees are:

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How to “Talk the Talk” when it comes to Change Management

by   Cait Abernethy on 10.20.16

You’ve likely heard the term “change management” hundreds of times before and used in many different circumstances. It is a common term used by leadership and management teams, as well among project and IT teams, when navigating any type of organizational change. There are countless theories on how to best manage change and how to lead effectively in times of change, all of which are jam-packed with jargon. The truth is, you don’t need any of the fancy words or theories in order to follow some best practices for change management, and chances are you’re already implementing some of these recognized best practices – you might just be using different words.

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How Human Service Organizations can Build Stronger Community Partnerships

by   Stefanie Gause on 09.07.16

This article was original published in the July/August edition of ANCOR Links.

Human Service organizations have a long history of collaborating with one another, and such partnerships are much more common than partnerships among businesses in the private sector. In part, that's because for-profit businesses often view one another as competition; by contrast, human services frequently view working together as mutually advantageous.

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The 7 Essential Steps to Ensure a Successful Change Initiative in a Human Services Organization

by   Nikki Trinnear on 08.23.16

There's no getting around it, change is inevitable. It’s required to keep your organization running as effectively and efficiently as possible, but often Human Services seem to avoid it at all costs. Part of this problem could stem from being unsure of how you even begin to foster change when you’re up against staff and managers that have been doing their jobs the same way for years. How many workshops have you been to that talk about change or change management and how important it is, but don’t give you the steps you need to actually complete said change? Whether you are dealing with a new incoming generation in your workforce or implementing a new technology solution into your organization, there is a certain path you must take to ensure that the change you're trying to make actually happens and sticks. Here are the 7 steps that lead to successful organizational change in the Public Sector.

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Going From Getting By to Flying High; Why I feel Human Service organizations should always stay current

by   Dawn Carlyle on 08.09.16

Guest Post by Dawn Carlyle, Business Analyst at District of Nippissing Social Servies Admin Board

In my line of work there are always going to be risks. It’s what happens when you put yourself out there to help a fellow human being during a difficult time in their life. Risk is an expected part of the Human Services sector that comes at unexpected times—that’s why it is important to have every possible tool in place to help mitigate said risks. I've come to notice that many Human Services organizations find themselves so caught up in the services they are providing that they fall behind on the inflow of information. That’s what kept happening to us at the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board. Because we were so wrapped up in our services we didn’t realize how critical information was and how essential it is in preparing you for things you can’t control. In this blog post I am going to take you through how DNSSAB changed for the better by upgrading our ERP system, allowing us to actually be aware of the information coming into our organization and become more transparent and efficient in the process.

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Managing Social Housing & Supported Living in the 21st Century

by   Stefanie Gause on 07.20.16


While social housing programs have traditionally been focused on providing financial assistance and/or have been municipally owned and operated developments, things are changing with the times. Today’s social housing initiatives are managed by a wide variety of agencies - both for-profit, non-profit, and social enterprise. Funds are distributed to agencies and programs that can demonstrate their impact on the people and communities they support, rather than on the number of clients served, population demographics, or other measures.

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Two Ways Sparkrock's Case Management Will Improve Your Social Services

by   Chris Carre on 05.19.16












 When your organization is in the Social Services industry, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of the social part of it all and just focus on the service aspect. Of course, providing excellent services is extremely important, but staying in touch with your clients’ needs and records is crucial to ensure that you are optimizing said services. Sparkrock's solution, built on Microsoft CRM, has the ability to give your organization a powerful Case & Client management solution and has two very important benefits to assist you in your mission.

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Key Take-aways from the 2016 ANCOR Conference

by   Stefanie Gause on 05.06.16

Nicola and I were very excited to attend our first of ANCOR’s annual conferences this past week. We both attended a number of sessions and the quality of the content was exceptional and extremely relevant. Resoundingly, what I took away from the conference was that the social service sector is changing rapidly - largely for the positive - and agencies are working hard to keep up with and adapt to this new landscape. Here are some hot topics that were discussed at the conference:

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