It’s the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac. As we wrote in our blog last month, one of Sparkrock’s biggest challenges in 2018 is to maintain our small-company culture as we scale up beyond 70 staff. One way we maintain our “family feeling” at our Toronto, Canada head office is to allow employees to bring their dogs to work; we even have official Sparkrock office dogs, Parker (Nicola’s 14 year old doodle) and Nava (Stef’s 6 month old Sheppard).

The Year of the Dog is associated with Action and Loyalty. For Sparkrock, that “action” refers to building user learning paths in our solutions so making their daily impact in their community is propelled to a whole new level of making a difference.

peggy and dallas-259505-edited.jpg

The “Loyalty” piece applies to Sparkrock’s ongoing and growing focus on our customers, our devotion to our 35,000 users! Our “white glove support” offered on multiple levels based on organizational needs and benchmarking data services let nonprofit organizations compare how they’re doing against other nonprofits. If a nonprofit has room for improvement, Sparkrock provides the methods and tools to become leaders in operational processes turning technology investments into great ROI.

The Year of the Dog is going to be a great one for Sparkrock! Do dogs fit into your work culture? We’d love to see any photos or stories about your office dogs; submit to