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Best Practices when Purchasing a New Software System - Webcast

thinking about PURCHASING new MANAGEMENT software?

If you don't follow the right process, you might not end up with the right product.

Whether you're looking for Financial Management, Workforce & Scheduling, or Case Management software, the process of procuring new technology can take years for most organizations. From collecting requirements, researching vendors, determining scope, securing funding and board approval, and much more, the process is hugely labor intensive. What's more, doing it correctly is vital if you want to find the solution that is best suited to your needs.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. If you're considering a new software system in the next few years, and want to learn from the procurement best practices of Nonprofits before you – this webcast is for you.

We’ve taken the hundreds of RFI’s and RFPs we’ve seen, combined that with our 13 years of experience working with Nonprofits they procure software, and put together what we feel is the must-know before you start your process. Too many Nonprofits start their projects without all the resources they need to be successful and experience delays, frustrations, mistakes and in worst cases lose their funding for the project all together. We can help you avoid this.

In our 60 minute webcast, we'll walk you through critical aspects of the RFP process and cover:

  • How to ensure buy-in and alignment from all of your key stakeholders
  • How to accurately determine if you're ready to go to RFP
  • What steps you should follow throughout the RFP process
  • How to build the right Requirements Checklist
  • How to accurately determine Scope, Timeline and Budget
  • How to properly format and structure your RFP document

By creating a detailed and structured RFP, your organization will have all the information it needs to properly evaluate the vendors bidding on your project and ensure that you purchase the solution that is best for you.

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- Malcolm McAuley, Director of Information Systems | Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada