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Feature Release: Applicant Tracking

Is Your Hiring process holding your organization back?

Human Services organizations can only provide top-level services to their clients if they're able to hire and retain top-level talent. That's easier said than done.

Finding the right person for a role in your organization can be a daunting task, and managing every step of the talent acquisition process often take more time than anticipated. Between coordinating human resources, hiring managers, and upper management - the task can quickly become a behemoth.

So, how can you ensure that the proper care has been put in place when hiring, but also do this in a timely and efficient manner?

In this 1-hr recorded webcast we discuss the main benefits and features of the newly-released Applicant Tracking module, including:

  • Managing your hiring process from start to finish online
  • Reducing the amount of manual work for both you and your applicants by using self-service portals 
  • Easy interview scheduling via centralized online applicant information
  • Streamlining of processes with automated notifications 
  • Better hiring decisions with key insights from talent acquisition dashboards
  • Improved employee onboarding 

If your organization wants to ensure that your hiring strategy is producing the best candidates while also eliminating the challenges that come with paper-based talent acquisitions processes, then this webcast is for you!







Irina Kon, Sparkrock



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"The best thing about the Sparkrock solution is the way it links Human Resources to Scheduling, to Payroll, and then ultimately to Finance. Now that we have all four modules implemented and stable, the magic and the beauty of it is how they link together and speak to one another for admin and financial purposes."

- Trevor Ducharme, Director of Administration | The Robin Hood Association