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Finance Digital Tranformation for Not-for-Profits


why not-for-profits should digitally transform their financial functions (and how to actually do it)


When it comes to leveraging technology to strengthen the quality of financial reporting and analysis, the not-for-profit sector has traditionally been late to the table.

But as we enter this fourth industrial revolution where advanced technology is now affordable by not-for-profit organizations, there has been quick uptake of integrated systems that streamline data processing tasks and focus on financial reporting and analysis.

Download this free whitepaper for Not-for-profit CFOs to learn how to:

  • Shift your focus from bookkeeping to strategic financial leadership
  • Give your financial staff the data they need to make strategic, informed decisions
  • Focus your organization's time on stewardship and resilience of programs

Digital transformation isn’t a matter of if — it’s a matter of when.

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About the Author:

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Betty Ferreira

Non-For-Profit Turnaround and Restructuring Strategist - ReStructure Consulting

I am a former Executive Director of several not-for-profit organizations, and the founder and principal consultant of ReStructure Consulting, a niche consulting firm focusing on building the resilience of non-profit organizations so that they are better equipped to fulfill their mission. My work over the past 24 years has focused specifically in the non-profit sector by strengthening organizations through strategic planning, organizational restructuring, mergers, and turnarounds. I have also found myself increasingly passionate about the integration of finance and strategy in building resilient and sustainable organizations. In 2012 I decided to apply for the Certified Management Accountant executive program to strengthen my knowledge in corporate finance, and in 2013 I received my CMA designation. In 2014 I received my CPA, CMA designation upon the merger of the CMA, CGA and CA designations. Armed with my experience as a former Executive Director, knowledge and training in non-profit finance, and my 10+ years consulting, my goal is to advance the capacity of non-profit organizations through teaching, writing, consulting on organizational resilience and change

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"Leverage the latest Microsoft technology to reduce administrative burden, enhance employee productivity & satisfaction, and most importantly help you focus on the core purpose that drives your organization."

- Colin Dickinson, President | Sparkrock