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HR Management Software

Reduce administrative burdens and improve compliance


Simplify staff management

Work more efficiently with all your common HR processes in one solution that connects a single source of employee data to Finance, Payroll, and Scheduling.

Reduce regulatory and union compliance risk

Ensure you meet requirements by confidently and accurately tracking collective agreements, employee qualifications, and other key compliance factors.

Empower employees

Provide self-service access to the answers employees need about their benefits, qualifications, training, and absence requests, all supported by automated workflows that shrink your administrative burden.

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“We feel our Sparkrock solution is the hub of the wheel that spokes out to all of our supervisors and staff and provides them with all of the information they need.” — David Williams, Communications and Technology Director, Action Group

Employee management

Organize vital personnel information in one place, including qualifications, attendance records, and assigned items. Reduce manual workload and errors by automating tasks and assignments, provide self-serve access for employees to forms, and integrate employee banking information with accounts payable expenses.

Position management

Flexibly structure HR data using relationships, hierarchies, and business rules. Link unions to positions and link employees with multiple assignments to different unions simultaneously. Define and update pay grids based on union or employee agreements. Report and analyze budgeted positions and understand vacancies, and easily track all major HR transactions.

Benefit management

Efficiently define benefit plans, components, default selections, and waiting periods for each plan offered by your organization. Attach specific plans to all employees under a position, and edit each employee’s plan details, such as effective dates and selections. Employees can view their information in the My Sparkrock portal.

Absence management

Generate entitlements, simplify approval, and track causes of absences to get visibility into wider trends. Plus, reduce your workload with batch end-of-year processes for entitlement rules.

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Appraisal management

Effectively coordinate performance appraisal plans online. Prompt employees to complete appraisals and remind them about upcoming appraisals. Organize detailed appraisal history with attached documents, while managers view pending appraisals and link supporting documents.

Collective agreement management

Efficiently track collective agreements, articles, and subsections, and easily define team members and leadership representatives for each. Manage grievances with records, responses, and timelines, and analyze grievance data to determine any problematic sections of the agreement that need negotiation. Securely and privately report harassment complaints to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Employee and Manager self service

Reduce bottlenecks with an online portal. Employees can update personal information, view absence balances, make requests for time off, view pay statements, complete assigned tasks, and download tax forms. Managers can make effective decisions with access to HR requisitions, upcoming and pending appraisals, pending attendance approvals, and pending tasks for all reports.

Applicant tracking

Streamline the entire hiring process. Add, modify, and approve job requisitions, and review applications and filter candidates throughout the selection process. Track interviews and hiring activities, collecting applicant information continuously. Manage all stages of the job offer, from the initial request by managers to senior approvals and extending the formal offer.

Training management

Schedule and track training events for employees. Register employees for training events or allow employees to register themselves, and integrate with Scheduling to eliminate double-booking for shifts during training. Print documents for attendees and use communication tools to engage with them, track results, and automatically update employees’ qualifications upon completion.

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Case Study


New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families Case Study: Nonprofit ERP Solutions

“The Sparkrock team's experience from working directly with Nonprofits was truly invaluable. They had amazing perspective and advice for the project.”

– Jennifer Hume, Director of Financial and Operational Support