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Measuring What Matters: The Smart CFO's Guide to the Leading Predictive Indicators Nonprofits Need to Measure

is your nonprofit tracking the measurement metrics that actually matter?

As the financial leader of a large nonprofit, you're constantly looking to turn your metrics into insight, your insight into actions, and your actions into a greater world for us all to live in.

But did you know that making slight changes to the performance metrics that you're measuring can allow you to do this at an even greater scale and have a much deeper impact on the communitites you serve?

Most nonprofits track their success by metrics such as dollars raised, people served, and how much of their budget goes to overhead costs. These metrics are certainly important, but they don’t measure the real success of an organization in achieving its mission.

In this one-hour webinar on July 18 at 2pm EST, we'll discuss:

  • What metrics should every nonprofit be measuring to determine if you're actually achieving your mission
  • How to structure your measurements to ensure you're impacting not only the symptom, but the cause of a particular social problem
  • Best practices for collecting and analyzing the right data without extra administrative work
  • How to decide which and how many metrics to include on your dashboard

If your organization wants to move from simply reporting results to reporting on real impact, then this webinar will ensure you're measuring the right metrics to make that happen.

Recommended Audience: CFO, Executive Director, CEO, Director of Finance, Accounting/Finance Manager, or Director of Administration at Nonprofit Organizations and Human Services Agencies.


Marwan - Circle Cropped.png


Marwan Ismail, Executive Director at Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services


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Nicola Dickinson, VP Client Success at Sparkrock


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Cait Abernethy, Demand Generation Specialist at Sparkrock


July 18 @ 2PM EST

Can't make this time? Register anyways as all registrants will receive a recorded copy of the webinar.

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"The best thing about the Sparkrock solution is the way it links Human Resources to Scheduling, to Payroll, and then ultimately to Finance. Now that we have all four modules implemented and stable, the magic and the beauty of it is how they link together and speak to one another for admin and financial purposes."

- Trevor Ducharme, Director of Administration | The Robin Hood Association