Accurate pay, every time.


Accurate pay, every time

Payroll is one of the most important organizational functions. Make sure your staff are confident in your payroll system with a reliable, integrated solution.

Simplify complex calculations

No more manual processes or payday headaches – set payroll calculations once and ensure staff are paid correctly every time.

Easy allocations for any employee type

Whether you have job-sharing, employees working in multiple roles, or complex direct and indirect costs, streamline your allocations to save time and headaches.

Advanced calculations

Set up and maintain payroll calculations easily and hassle-free using an extensive library of pre-created payroll controls. Customize calculations for your unique needs to support your unions or employee agreements.

Direct deposits

Manage direct deposit process by efficiently generating EFT files directly from the Payroll Journals and updating the status on payroll entries to match remittance numbers and statuses as files are submitted to the bank.

Direct/indirect cost allocations

Use payroll controls to effectively and accurately allocate direct and indirect employee costs according to timesheets and salary allocations.

Employee payroll allocations

Set up allocations for each employee rather than just one or more assignments, providing you with greater control and flexibility over the payroll allocations process.

Payroll validation

Validate your payroll accurately and reliably to review and resolve all errors reported before finalizing a pay run.

Difference in pay analysis

Compare payroll or other calculations to prior periods for better visibility into your payroll and to reduce potential errors.