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3 Scheduling Tools to Make Your Life Easier and Empower Your Employees

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Streamlining your scheduling process is one of the most effective measures your organization can employ to bring down costs and save time. So it makes sense to invest in the best scheduling system available. But what do you look for to make your life easier and empower your employees?

There are three key tools that can take the guesswork, and the stress, out of scheduling by reducing your workload and increasing employee investment. With these tools, everyone benefits – including the people under your care:

Seniority or Priority Listing

You want to make informed decisions about what staff you’re assigning where, when, and why. You make those decisions based on qualification and seniority, so good scheduling starts with a list of preferred staff members based on availability, seniority, priority, and/or orientation to a particular unit.

But compiling that correlated data manually is a waste of resources you could be putting elsewhere. The answer? An interactive, up-to-date list of cross-referenced staff profiles.

You benefit because you can save time and select the right person for every shift, every time.

Your employees benefit because they can trust assignments are fair, and no one’s playing favourites at the expense of those in your collective care.

Shift Trading

No matter the best of intentions on all sides when shift schedules are assigned, life intervenes. Whether because of personal needs and commitments or sudden emergencies, staff can’t always be there for the shifts you want to give them. So your schedule is only as good as it is flexible. And when you make it possible for your employees to trade shifts with ease, they make your job easier.

You do that by empowering employees to trade shifts directly with each other through an accessible, communicative network while automatically requesting supervisor approval in the process. That way, staff have the flexibility they need, and you stay informed and able to ensure you have all qualification and certification needs covered, no matter who’s handling the shift.

You benefit because it reduces your workload and boosts employee morale when staff feel that you care about their needs.

Your employees benefit because it empowers them to find shifts that work around their personal lives.

Shift Bidding

Assigning all shifts upfront is an excellent way to maintain direct control of your scheduling. But another tool that benefits you is allowing employees to take on the amount of work they feel they can handle.

One way to approach that is to post shifts online and accept bids for them from staff. Then supervisors can review the bids and select candidates to fill out the scheduling based on what your employees want, and send out automated notifications. It ensures people don’t feel overworked, and that scheduling decisions are made in an efficient timeframe.

You benefit because it streamlines the scheduling process, you get direct input from staff, and you never have empty shifts.

Your employees benefit because they can increase or reduce their shifts to suit their needs.

So where do you find these solutions, and avoid the kind of wasted time and resources we’ve talked about previously in our blog on Cutting Down Unplanned Overtime? Generic options often aren’t well-tailored to your individual needs, so you want something purpose built to your requirements. And that’s where we come in. Get in touch with Sparkrock today to talk to us about our custom-built scheduling tools, and ask how we can help make your and your employees’ lives easier.


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