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The Fourth of the Building Resilient Organizations Webinar Series

Addressing Financial Resilience at the Core

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Many non-profit and other social-impact organizations are finding the current pandemic crises is stretching their ability to cope financially. Organizations that have armed their finance teams with the tools to effectively analyze, report and manage their finances are weathering the turbulence more readily than those without.

Watch our 45-minute on-demand webinar, featuring James Faw, CTO of Sparkrock and Wanda Muirhead, former education CFO, to understand how organizations can go from surviving to thriving in times of crisis by supplying their finance teams with the tools and processes they need to manage their costs, preserve cash and analyze and report their financials effectively.


What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Organizational Financial Resilience
  • How carefully monitoring and managing costs can help you pivot quickly in the face of a financial shock
  • Why proactive expense and procurement policies and tracking are an essential tool to cash preservation
  • How digital approval workflows can impact your organization’s ability to effectively manage through a crisis
  • How automated management of funds and grants will enable your team to spend time on more valuable tasks

James Faw
CTO and Co-Founder,

Wanda Muirhead
Former School Board CFO &
Former Director of Addiction Services

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