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Announcing Fuel Good 2019 Featured Keynote: Paralympic rower Victoria Nolan

The purpose of the Fuel Good conference is to provide you with the inspiration and education you need to transform the operations of your nonprofit or K12 school board. That’s why every year we seek out speakers that will leave you excited to go out and make a positive difference. With this in mind, we think we’ve found the perfect keynote for Fuel Good 2019: Paralympic rower and bronze medalist Victoria Nolan!

Victoria’s story is about achieving the incredible in the face of adversity. At the age of 18 she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition that can progressively lead to tunnel vision and complete blindness. Her condition was severely accelerated by the birth of her two children, leaving her with only pinhole vision. Coming to terms with her vision loss was a difficult reality for Victoria to accept, especially with two small children to look after. She turned to sport as a way of coping with the depression she now found herself in. In 2006 Victoria joined the Argonaut Rowing Club as a way to stay active, but soon rowing was her new passion. By 2007 she was competing in her first world championships and in 2008 she competed in the Beijing Paralympic Games.

Victoria’s determination, focus, competitiveness, and resilience helped lead her team to a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Paralympics and to four world championships medals, including gold in 2010.

Outside of competitive rowing, Victoria still inspires others on a daily basis. She teaches Special Education students grades 2 through 6, and although the classes are small in size, the challenges can be large, as most students are dealing with physical, developmental, or other disabilities. Victoria says her disability can be an advantage for teaching her students. Many feel stigmatized for being in Special Education so she is a positive role model for overcoming her own impairments.

We are excited to have Victoria as one of our featured keynotes at Fuel Good 2019 and know that she’ll give you the insights and motivation you need to create effective change in your communities.

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