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Announcing Fuel Good 2020 Featured Keynote: WE Charity Senior Advisor Kim Plewes

Every year at Fuel Good we strive to bring you new, exciting voices to inspire and educate you. This year we’re bringing a leading voice from one of Canada’s best known charities: WE Charity senior advisor Kim Plewes.

Kim has been an integral part of WE Charity for almost two decades, beginning working fulltime with WE (then Free the Children) when she was just 18. Today, she works as a senior advisor alongside WE Co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger to drive growth, engage families, oversee essential programming and empower youth and organizations.

She passionately believes that all people—regardless of age, gender or circumstances—can make a difference in the world. Kim herself, a lifelong champion and advocate of women’s empowerment, is an inspiring example of this.

Her personal journey as an advocate began, much like Craig Kielburger’s, at the age of 12, when she first learned about the issues facing women and girls in developing countries. While still a child herself, Kim lobbied the Canadian government to tighten import laws, ensuring products made by children wouldn’t enter the Canadian market.

In high school, Kim continued to make a difference through unique volunteer work. She spent a week in silence to raise awareness about the value of women’s voices and contributions, which so often go unheard.

She organized the first now-annual WE Scare Hunger campaign for the entire Halton District School Board, collecting thousands of pounds of food donations.

Kim has invested hundreds of hours listening to and learning from women and girls around the world—hearing their stories while standing in the shadows of towering garbage dumps in Jamaica, or on cool dirt floors in rural India.

Kim is a Presidential Scholar from American University in Washington, D.C., and completed her degree at Oxford University with a focus on international development in Africa.

We are excited to have Kim join us on February 3 as one of our Fuel Good feature keynotes. Her experience and passion make her an engaging speaker who will inspire you to continue creating change in your communities.

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