Community Living South Muskoka

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Community Living South Muskoka

“Having worked with Sparkrock since 2007, we trust their social services expertise and ability to deliver on time and on budget.”

– Christine Jenkins, Supervisor of Administration


Community Living South Muskoka (CLSM) provides lifetime support to all those impacted by a developmental disability, utilizing skilled staff and effective partnerships involving the individual, the family, and the community with the result that the individual is accepted as a valued community member.


CLSM was having a tough time supporting multiple systems and it was taking a toll on their internal staff. Managing employees was difficult since vacation requests and personal information were tracked manually. At the same time, reporting was very cumbersome and would take a long time to retrieve information from the previous system. It was clear that CLSM could benefit from an integrated system with flexible reporting and scheduling tools, and comprehensive employee self-serve options. “We desperately needed an integrated system that would let us pull information quickly and easily. Also, dealing with scheduling conflicts and vacation requests created many difficulties and communication challenges for the staff,” explains the Director of Administration for CLSM. HOW WE HELPED After replacing their previous, 10-year old system, CLSM was extremely satisfied with the Finance & Accounting and Workforce Management solutions that Sparkrock implemented for them since they were specifically designed for Social Service organizations. “The implementation for the General Ledger took less than two months, thanks to Victor Bacho, who was the Sparkrock Project Manager for our implementation,” says Van Der Ley. “Victor designed a template that simplified the import of data from the previous system to the new one. Working with him has been a great experience, making us feel that Sparkrock has our best interest at heart. Overall, we’re thrilled to get information out of our system so easily! Sparkrock’s solution was an obvious choice for us when we learned that it encompassed scheduling, finance, and reporting modules in one integrated system. It’s great that we don’t need to support 3 or 4 different systems and struggle to make them work together anymore.”


With their new system, CLSM now has real-time, on-demand data analysis and reporting, allowing them to better manage and track their budgets as well as how to allocate funds to different community programs. They are also now able to export and refresh data directly in Excel which allows users to set up detailed reports and update them with the click of a button. From a user standpoint, their new accounting system provides the better navigation they were looking for. With a more user-friendly environment, employees can navigate from one table to another with minimal clicks, or through the solution-wide search functionality. Also, employees now have the ability to access the information they are looking for without having to ask the Finance department. This will also ensure end-users are seeing the most up-to-date, real-time information with refresh capabilities. Their new scheduling tool makes it easy for their HR department to make informed scheduling decisions for any location, eliminate shift conflicts, notify employees of work shifts automatically, avoid human error, and produce perfect timesheets every month. All of this adds up to providing easier, more-streamlined administrative processes, which allows more time and money to be funneled into the valuable services they provide for their community.

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