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Nonprofit Tips for Using Data to Do More Good


We’ve got 5 tips that will help you use data to make better decisions, raise more money and connect with your stakeholders like never before.

In NTEN and Idealware’s recent data survey, 99% of nonprofit organizations responded saying that they keep track of some kind of data. That’s a lot of data. But, shockingly, only half (at most!) of the respondents said they did anything with that data. .

Maybe you don’t know what data is most useful?

Maybe the way you’re keeping track of it just doesn’t work the way you need it to?

But you still want your organization to make quick, smart, and intuitive data-driven decisions.


Download this free guide to learn how to:

  • Digitize your data, so it’s at everyone’s fingertips
  • Know your donors better than they know themselves
  • Make relationships with donors personal
  • Harness every engagement opportunity
  • Show off your data-driven success

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