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Get your weekends back! K12 reporting streamlined

See what top school districts are including in their dashboards

Arduous reporting requirements that take weeks of evenings and weekends to complete is time-consuming, frustrating, and just plain bad for your morale and wellbeing. Find out in this 30 minute webinar how the right K12 system with built-in integrations from day 1 can not only cut your reporting time by days, but offer greater data access and visibility for better decision making at every level. Which means no more late nights at the office or having to work weekends.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • The myths and facts about streamlined reporting
  • See real life examples of performance dashboards from the top school districts
  • Unique decisions-making tools for better student, staff, and funding outcomes
  • The potential for Power BI to revolutionize data visualization
  • The true time and cost of manual data entry, inaccessibility, and insecurity

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