Grey Bruce Health Unit

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Grey Bruce Health Unit

“The integration between our Sparkrock Finance and Workforce Solution allows for better communication between our departments and within our organization as a whole - allowing us to be more efficient and better serve our community.”

– Kim Rutherford, Accounting Manager


Grey Bruce Health Unit is dedicated to providing equitable opportunities that support an individual's health and well-being and work with Grey Bruce communities to protect and promote healthly lifestyles. They are focused on enabling healthy workplaces, forging strong partnerships to target public health issues, and delivering high-quality public health services. These services are provided to the 160,000 people living within the Grey and Bruce Counties.


A big challenge for many Health Units today are the changes in funder reporting. Accounting Manager at Grey Bruce Health Unit, Kim Rutherford, notes these changes as one of the main reasons her organization decided to update their Finance and HR/Payroll solution, "As budgets get tighter, you want to become more efficient. Replacing our old system may have created an initial upfront cost, but in the long term it has allowed our organzation to save time and money. This change is a committment, but I wish we had done it sooner!" Another benefit Grey Bruce Health Unit is feeling is the integration between their Sparkrock Finance and Workforce solutions. At GBHU both Directors and Managers wanted all documentation to be electronic and it made sense to them to have a complete solution for both Finance and HR/Payroll. They knew that it was vital to be able to have both departments easily accessing information from each other. This was also important for improving communication and efficiency within the whole organization. Ultimately, by implementing their Sparkrock Finance and Workforce solution, Grey Bruce Health Unit is now able to save time, improve inter-departmental communication, and become proactive rather than reactive to changes in funder reporting requirements.

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