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How better funder reporting could improve funding predictability

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Do your funders and stakeholders truly understand the impact you’re having on your community? The ability to clearly communicate outcomes and demonstrate who benefits from your daily activity can be critical to maintain and increase funding.

Why does funder reporting matter?

Reporting to your funders can be as important as the initial application for a grant or donation. Your funders want to understand the impact their funds are having for those in your care and residential programs, so they can be sure that they are having the best possible impact with their funds.

Incomplete or inconsistent funder reporting can reflect poorly on your organization, affecting whether funding gets renewed or increased.

Are your funders getting the information they need?

Pulling together funder reports can be time consuming as you export, manipulate, and analyze data that is relevant for each separate funder. The more funders you have the more complex the task, and if you receive public sector funding there are usually specific reporting requirements.

An issue we commonly see is an inability to easily pull the reports that clearly communicate outcomes based on original funder. Even when it’s possible to pull these reports, it often takes days or even weeks to export, manipulate, and prepare an appropriate funder report. Multiply that by the number of funders you have and it’s not surprising that so many organizations don’t provide this kind of in-depth funder reporting.

The core components stakeholders want to see are the resources used, work done, and outcomes delivered from the funding provided.

How can you connect the dots?

Funders want to see clear connection between their funding, and results for the community. That means you need to both be able to track funding from different sources and get insights into patient spending to connect the dots between funder and outcome.

This type of reporting is more complicated than many organizations can produce, but it can pay dividends in building funder trust and leading to more predictable and even increased funding.

Read more about the importance of funder visibility or learn about Sparkrock’s solution for human services.

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