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The culmination of our vision: how Sparkrock 365 changes the game for nonprofits

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Today we launch our latest product – Sparkrock 365 . If it seems like a long time since we made a big deal about a product launch, you’re right. This is the biggest launch since we started Sparkrock 15 years ago, and Sparkrock 365 represents a sea of change and big opportunity for the nonprofit community.

“This is the culmination of our vision to give nonprofits the same tools and opportunities as for-profits, including a flexible and predictable roadmap for future development,” says James Faw, co-founder and VP of Product Innovation.

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Sparkrock has invested more than $6 million in the last 4 years in our purpose-built ERP solution, and we’ve worked with leaders from finance and HR leaders in nonprofits, K12, human services and other social impact organizations to make sure our product meets their specific needs and challenges.

So what’s new with Sparkrock 365?

Sparkrock 365 marks the arrival of the intelligent cloud, offering access to more people, with more functions, better security, and more deployment options. This is an opportunity to futureproof your organization with technology that will scale as your needs change. The intelligent cloud offers organizations a way to get more from their data and make meaningful decisions. For example, a finance leader could create predictive reports based on trends in program outcomes to direct funding towards the areas that will have the biggest ROI.

“We started Sparkrock to help close the technology gap between nonprofits and businesses because we saw that funders weren’t investing in infrastructure and systems,” co-founder and VP of Sales and Customer Success Nicola Dickinson says. ”While technology revolutionized the for-profit sector, vital finance and HR functions were left struggling with manual processes and lack of resources. We wanted to accelerate that transformation for social impact organizations as well.”

Sparkrock 365 is built on Microsoft Business Central, using the latest in cloud technology. This enables new functions, better accessibility, and the full “Software as a Service” (SaaS) experience. And of course, it still offers the same great Sparkrock service and expertise.

“I believe everyone deserves technology built for their specific needs so they can plan strategically and succeed in an increasingly complex world,” Nicola says.

Ready to learn more?  Watch our Cloud Digital Transformation with Sparkrock 365 webinar.



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