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How Sparkrock 365 Customers are Navigating the New WFH Reality

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With the global Coronavirus Pandemic still on the rise across North America, organizations’ resilience to government mandates to socially distance and isolate is being tested. Organizations that have shifted to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology are, as a whole, better prepared to minimize the impact of a suddenly remote workforce.


In the face of a mandate to close offices, the challenges facing employees’ ability to continue to access the mission critical system on which they rely to do their work are becoming apparent. Employees who are typically office-bound and access the necessary system to do their work from desktop computers are no longer in the office.

Organizations are scrambling to figure out how they might enable them remote access to these systems – where possible issuing them with laptops to take home, or, if necessary, asking them to use their own personal computers.

Many organizations are also discovering that remote access licenses are a premium feature of their systems, to which they are not automatically entitled. So not only are they facing a technical challenge in enabling remote work, but a financial pinch as they need to license essential staff to access systems from remote locations.

Making things more challenging is that many legacy system vendors have reduce their investment in development of their older technologies. This means that all but the most critical security patches may not be in place. Exacerbated by the possibility that unmanaged computer systems (home computers, old laptops) may be used to access these critical systems. This leaves organizations vulnerable to security threats – which seem to be on the rise as malicious players are trying to take advantage of the covid “panic” to find new vulnerabilities to exploit.


Unlike legacy on-premise systems, SaaS technology is built from the ground up to provide access via the web. This gives users a huge amount of flexibility to access these systems using computers, tablets and mobile devices. And, as office closures send employees home, there is virtually no impact to their ability to access systems as if they were in the office.

Because SaaS systems exist in “the cloud”, vendors can consistently and regularly keep the software updated, offering customers not only new features on a regular basis, but also ensuring security of the system is maintained. And these regular updates can typically be consumed by customers with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations since there is no need IT to be involved. Users simply take advantage of new features that are “transparently” deployed to them, consuming on-demand self-learning resources as required.


Sparkrock serves social mission organizations, many of whom are on the frontline of the pandemic response in their communities. Whether a Human Services Organization, School District or Nonprofit, it’s important that these organizations continue to be able to perform their critical community functions – even as their day-to-day operations flex and shift in response to changing regulatory and public health mandates.

Human resources teams can react quickly to shifting employees to home office locations, communicating updates to shift assignments, allow flexible shift trading for employees that are required to self-quarantine or care for family members.

Finance teams can ensure critical operations continue without impact. Even though they are required to work remotely, the finance team can run payroll, ensuring employees get paid. Purchase orders can continue to be entered, approved and executed, ensuring operations won’t halt for lack of critical supplies.

And, as governmental organizations and regulatory bodies ask for standard operational and budget reporting or new pandemic specific reports, our customers can flexibility define, produce and communicate these reports as required.

Learn more about how the cloud can help our organization become resilient in the face of crises by downloading our Cloud Essential eBook.

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