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How to Effectively Schedule your Staff for Maximum Success

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Easy staff scheduling? Tell me more…

Everyone can agree that having the right staff, on the right shifts, is the winning formula in top-performing care facilities and for best patient outcomes.

However, more often than not, selecting the right staff, scheduling their shifts, communicating, and overall workforce management is a manual, time-consuming, and challenging task that no scheduling manager looks forward to.

Technology has come a long way, especially in automating some of these mundane tasks, that should really only take minutes, not hours. There are a number of simple changes you can make today, that will make you the preferred care provider in your network tomorrow.

Our Cofounder & CTO, James Faw, will walk you through how Sparkrock 365 can help facilitate effective and strategic scheduling in this 30-minute action-filled webinar.

What you’ll learn:

  • 5 steps to effectively and strategically scheduling your workforce
  • How to assign shifts to employees based on skill and availability
  • What scheduling in Sparkrock 365 looks like
  • Examples of how care facilities integrate scheduling with payroll

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