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How to Replace Many Systems with a Single Integrated ERP

An ERP built to withstand the next decade.

Sit down with our Cofounder and CTO, James Faw, as he shares his wealth of knowledge around the evolution, robustness, and intelligence found in today’s modern ERP systems.

Attend this live 30-minute webinar, where he’ll personally show you first-hand what the power of cloud computing combined with our latest version of Sparkrock 365 really looks like, the flagship Finance and HR functionalities that our customers love, with all the data integrations as standard.

Don’t miss this special event to see how a tailored ERP system can make a meaningful impact to your work life and the people and communities that you serve in 2020 and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a genuine integrated ERP looks like and how it can truly transform your organization
  • Critical capabilities your current system should have but likely don’t
  • Functional advantages that only Sparkrock 365 can offer
  • The de facto way to accelerate your organization’s mission

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