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The Second of the Building Resilient Organizations Webinar Series

Achieve Resilience by Choosing the Right Systems Foundation

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It’s in times of crisis that we recognize the limitations of the tools we use in our daily work.

As mission-based organizations find themselves at the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic, many are finding that their existing systems are failing to fully support the new realities of a remote workforce. Keeping teams connected is essential to ensuring your important community missions can move forward unhindered.

Watch our special 35 minute on-demand webinar featuring James Faw, CTO of Sparkrock and our special guest speaker, James Williamson, Director of Information Systems & Technology at St. John Ambulance to get some insights as to what types of technology has helped St. John Ambulance employees continue to deliver on their mission, while adjusting to the new normal and working remotely. This webinar will give you a better understanding of what important considerations need to be taken when evaluating your mission-critical business systems.


What you’ll learn:
  • How to evaluate whether your current systems are “up to par”
  • The expectations and top considerations for now and in the future
  • Practical lessons from St. John Ambulance in transitioning to digital norms
  • Essential elements of resilient systems
  • Comparing Legacy vs Cloud Systems
  • Key benefits of applications built atop the Microsoft technology ecosystem
  • How to prepare your organization for the “next time”


James Faw
CTO and Co-Founder,

James Williamson
Dir. of Information Systems & Tech,
St. John Ambulance


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