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Make Compliance Consistent & Painless

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Learn how to make compliance consistent and painless.

Our Co-founder and CTO, James Faw, sat down to showcase how your organization can become workforce compliant in only a few easy steps. In this interactive, 30-minute demo, he’ll also cover the most common do’s and don’ts.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Monitor compliance in your organization and learn all the requirements to ensure qualifications and training is kept up to date
  • Live demonstration of the HR Manager Role Center covering the Expiring Qualifications and Pending HR Tasks
  • A hands on demonstration of Employee Self Service

2. Make compliance for new employee hires consistent and scalable

  • Explanation of the different systems, spreadsheets and tools that are updated for a new employee
  • Demo of the position setup as well as an overview of what steps are required for new employees hired

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