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What upcoming OPHS reporting changes could mean for you


The Ontario Ministry of Health And Long-Term Care is changing their reporting requirements.

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The Ontario MOHLTC is constantly changing their reporting requirements, which can be challenging to adapt to if the systems you use to manage your finance, HR/payroll, scheduling and reporting are inflexible. Although finalized details on what these changes are have not yet been released, many Public Health organizations are worried that their systems may not be able to easily adapt to these changes.

What might these changes mean for your organization and how can you effectively prepare for and manage them?

Hear directly from one of our customers at North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit as they discuss what they’re anticipating from this new change, what it means for their organizational processes, and how they’re adapting to these new reporting requirements.

In this short report you will learn:

  • The anticipated changes to the current MOHLTC reporting requirements
  • The potential impact of the requirement change on your organization
  • The main benefits and challenges of this change
  • Solutions and strategies that can be used to support reporting outcomes

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