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Team “Spark-Tache” joins Movember to support men’s health

It’s that time of year again! Movember has started and my colleagues and I grooming our mustaches to build awareness for men’s health – but we need your help to reach our fundraising goal!

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Final update – $3875 raised for mens’ health

Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign this year – we beat our target by more than $1000 and beat last year’s total by 44%! You can see everyone’s final look at the top of the page. Now we’re all clean-shaven again, but already counting down to next year’s Movember.

About Movember

Just like Sparkrock, The Movember Foundation aims to have a big impact on social good. The annual event involves growing moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. Canadian men are three times as likely to die from suicide, 40% more likely to die of cancer and 70% more likely to die from heart disease, compared to women. These health issues require specific, timely intervention, which is why participants in Movember raise funds to help save our friends, parents, partners and colleagues.

Team “Spark-Tache”

Last year with the help of everyone at Sparkrock, our friends, and family, team “Spark-Tache” raised more than $2,000 dollars. After a fun and successful year, we are delighted to announce (drum roll) Ryan, Shameil, and I are looking to raise $2,500 for the Movember Foundation.

Follow our progress

Through this blog I will be sharing weekly updates of our ugly mugs, with our even uglier mustaches. You can let us know what you think. All feedback will be greatly appreciated. Don’t be too harsh, some of the older team members (everyone except for me) are struggling with growth in their twilight years!

How to Donate

We are asking for your support by donating to our official Spark-Tache Team page. So visit our team page and donate what you can for a worthy cause.

We look forward to raising money for the Movember Foundation. Check back next week for a progress update on funds raised and hairy upper lips!

Week 2

Week 3

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