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Sudbury Catholic District School Board Upgrades its HRP System with Sparkrock


Improved efficiency, time savings, and better data analysis are driving factors in the recent decision from Sudbury Catholic District School Board (SCDSB) to implement Sparkrock’s HR and Payroll solution.

SCDSB has been a Sparkrock customer since 2012, when they implemented Sparkrock Finance.

“Sparkrock Finance has been a great success, allowing staff to finish tasks more efficiently and address new needs and requests more effectively,” says Susan Anderson, Manager of Financial Services, SCDSB. “Having an integrated Finance and HRP system will greatly improve resource and cost allocation, consistency and accuracy of reporting, efficient workload management, product support and security.”

SCDSB oversees 17 schools, 13 elementary and four secondary schools, serving more than 5,000 students in Greater Sudbury.

“We’re excited to add SCDSB to our fast-growing list of K12 HRP customers. An integrated Finance and HRP system make a big difference for efficiency, breaking down departmental silos, and data analytics to guide decision-making,” says Sparkrock Chief Sales Officer Nicola Dickinson. “Our whole team is enthusiastic about helping SCDSB achieve their goals for better efficiency and data-driven decision-making.”

About Sparkrock

For over 16 years, Sparkrock has helped K12 school boards and other educational institutions use technology to improve the quality of life for the students, families, and communities they serve. We provide finance, workforce management, payroll and employee scheduling software for non-profits, human services organizations, and K12 school boards.

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