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The #1 Back Office Secret of Super Effective School Districts

So often we judge how well K12 school districts perform solely by the results of programs and public-facing engagement. But those amazing results don’t happen without exceptional, dedicated personnel, and a robust back office supporting them.

Those stellar back office environments? The most efficient and effective support networks among them? That all comes out of having great Finance and HR departments. Because those back office functions are crucial for smooth operations. Too often their importance goes overlooked, but you can’t afford to make that mistake if you want to provide the best environment for the students in your care.

What does a great back office look like?

It’s easy to tell where things went wrong after the fact. But it can’t always be easy to tell what’s causing you problems in the moment, or how to best structure solutions to get you where you need to be. So how do you clean up your processes and engage better solutions in your own back office?

  • Communication and streamlining are key. Removing departmental silos lets everyone work from the same data. For example: in your own offices, do HR, Finance, and Payroll all have duplicate or divergent records on full-time employees (FTEs)? Signs like those mean you need better communication, and single-source data.
  • Aim for efficiency, because an efficient office is an effective office. When everyone has the tools they need to complete tasks easily and simply you get faster, smoother processes, and reduce human errors.
  • Be analysis-driven, because you should drive your tasks, they shouldn’t drive you. Look at what tasks take up the majority of your time. Could you be doing those better? The right automation and integration tools can free your team to think bigger instead of spending the majority of your time on clerical tasks.

How does digital transformation improve your back office?

To get your back office as efficient and efficacious as possible, you need to have the right tools in place. What do those tools look like? Digital transformation. Why? Because digital transformation helps you meet your goals in the following ways:

  • Introducing automation. Streamlined processes mean better accessibility and reduced human errors.
  • Real-time reporting. Up-to-date data tracking lets you make data-driven decisions that benefit everyone. Take absence tracking, the data can help you understand the true cost of absenteeism, the reasons behind it, and how you can find solutions for students facing underlying issues that impact their lives.
  • Integrated procurement portals. Instead of manually submitting POs, paying vendors, tracking purchases against budget and more, a procurement portal enables customers to find and order what they need seamlessly, automating each step of the purchase process. With that toolset, you can track and report on total spend, take advantage of volume discounts, and reduce off-contract buying. This will manage your distributed school purchases as easily as ordering from an online store.

All-in-one ERPs and why should you be using one

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is streamlining management software that integrates and connects every aspect of your organization. With an all-in-one ERP, Finance, HR, Payroll, Scheduling, and your operations and supply chain all operate from a single system with an interconnected database.

That level of connectivity means better efficiency, breaking down silos, and being able to do far more with less. Because when you have that “single source of truth” to work from, everyone has access to the real-time, accurate data they need to offer the best aid possible to the people relying on them.

We all want to do better by the people in our care and help them build toward their best possible future. That all starts with the tools you give not just them, but yourself. So, if you’re looking to streamline and supercharge your back office processes, talk to Sparkrock today about getting a copy of 8 Secrets of Super Effective School Supervisors. And let us give you the tools you, and your students, need to excel.

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