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Sparkrock’s Covid-19 Response and What To Expect From Us

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As the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues internationally we at Sparkrock are doing our part to reduce the impact of the virus within our communities and its potential impact to the quality of our support and services. We recognize that some of our customers are on the front line of the outbreak. We want you to know we are here for you.

To keep our employees and customers safe, we are following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • Our employees are being offered more flexible work from home policies to help with preventative quarantine procedures. Our office, especially common areas, is being more rigorously cleaned
  • For customers currently in active projects, we have communicated plans to increase the use of remote work technologies like ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’ to minimize the potential for project disruptions
  • We have tested our continuity of operations procedures to ensure that, even if staff are working remotely for extended periods, our ability to keep delivering services to our customers will not be impacted

As we learn more, our response will evolve as necessary.

– – –

At Sparkrock, our mission continues to be to help our customers to be heroes to the communities you serve. We appreciate our role in facilitating the delivery of your mission. Our support team is prepared for any increase in the support call volumes, and, in addition to the eLearning and other resources regularly available through the Customer Success Center and the Support team, our Customer Success team is available to help you maximize your use of Sparkrock for your own pandemic response. Please reach out to your Customer Success Representative or email at csc@sparkrock.com for assistance in:

  • scheduling additional check in calls should you need more proactive guidance.
  • facilitating access to data should you need enhanced analytics and reporting to support your service delivery.

Of special note, we are proud to partner with Microsoft, who have announced that they are offering trials of Office 365 to eligible non-profits and educational institutions. Office 365 includes web-access to Teams, email, and file storage which is important technology to enable efficient remote work for staff and volunteers. Please contact us for more details.

We thank all of you for the work you’re doing. Whether you are in the Human Services sector, in a school board, or are part of the Nonprofit community, you are all playing an important role in ensuring safety and security of the individuals, staff and the communities you serve.

For more information on how to harness the benefits of technology to the fullest during this difficult time, please visit our COVID-19 Pandemic Resource Center.

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