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What does Bill 148 mean for your organization?

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Bill 148 is progress in terms of workplace fairness, but it will have a financial impact on many nonprofit organizations.

The fear is that Bill 148 will increase costs for all agencies, and therefore indirectly decrease the agency based supports available to the people you serve. We don’t want to see this happen.

Our goal for this webinar is to provide social service-based nonprofits with the critical information they need to assess the direct and indirect financial implications, understand the HR/Payroll system requirements and find ways to create efficiency to circumvent the new inflated payroll costs.

This 50 minute recorded webinar covers:

  • High level overview of Bill 148, timelines and areas where service-based agencies will be affected the most
  • Potential direct and in-direct financial impacts and how to calculate and plan for them
  • Identifying gaps in your scheduling process to ensure you meet new audit requirements (Effective Jan 2019)
  • HR & Payroll system requirements necessary to meet new support position-based pay rules
  • Ways to improve your overall efficiency to cover the new inflated payroll costs.

Guest Presenter: Antonio F. Urdaneta, Schible Law

Antonio F. Urdaneta is a legal innovation enthusiast who promotes legal technology solutions and managed legal workflows to deliver better, faster and more affordable legal services.  As an associate lawyer at Schible Law in Toronto, Ontario he gives legal information and advice about employment minimum standards, employment contracts, workplace policies, and workplace hazards, violence, discrimination and harassment.  Antonio also represents employers and employees in constructive and wrongful dismissals negotiation and litigation.

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