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York Region District School Board [Case Study]

YRDSB needed a scalable solution for their growing board. Read about how their efficiencies have improved since implementing their Sparkrock solution in 2009.

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Can your internal systems and procedures handle Bill 148? [Webcast]

In this webcast, we analyze the implications of Ontario's Bill 148 on social services organizations

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State of Digital Transformation in Ontario Nonprofits [Report]

In this report, we aim to provide a clear benchmark of the current state of digital transformation in Ontario so organizations can better understand what digital initiatives others are completing and evaluate their own progress in comparison to the industry at large.

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Finance Digital Transformation [Whitepaper]

In this whitepaper, we answer the question "Why not-for-profits should digitally transform their financial functions (and how to actually do it)"

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Fuel Good Magazine

This is the only journal dedicated to Finance and HR Executives at Nonprofit and Human Services Organizations. In this issue we cover many key issue like data security, recruiting and retaining talents and major trends in the industry for 2018.

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Waterloo Catholic District School Board [Case Study]

Read more about how Waterloo Catholic District School Board has never looked back on their decision to work with Sparkrock over 10 years ago.

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New Directions [Case Study]

New Directions utilized Sparkrock's industry knowledge as well as the Finance solution to reduce manual processes and employee overtime costs.

K12 whitepaper on digital transformation

The Modernization of K12 School Boards in Ontario [Whitepaper]

In this whitepaper we explore the topic of digital transformation as it relates to K12 School Boards in Ontario, and review success stories from boards across the province.

digital transformation

Nonprofit Digital Transformation Summit [Webcast]

In this 1-hr recorded webcast we interview industry experts about the importance of Digital Transformation, the processes they went through, and how it's impacted their organization's success.

impact and excellence with Sheri Chaney Jones

Impact & Excellence Book Review with Sheri Chaney Jones [Webcast]

In this 1-hr recorded webcast author Sheri Chaney Jones discusses how to identify, capture, and utilize impactful data for organizational transformation.

user permissions webinar

Defending your Data: A Guide to Building a User Permissions Strategy [Webcast]

This 1-hr webcast shares best practices for strategizing and setting up a data permissions strategy that safeguards against both internal and external threats.

social enterprise

Diversify your Agency's Funding with a Social Enterprise [Webcast]

A social enterprise can help you enhance your programs and services, and make you less vulnerable to the ups and downs of government funding. Here's how to start one at your agency.

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How to Develop a Volunteer Program for Human Service Organizations [eBook]

Our step-by-step guide will teach you how to build a volunteer handbook, establish protocols, attract top talent, and much more.

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Polycultural [Case Study]

Find out how Polycultural used Sparkrock's Finance and Workforce solutions to reduce manual processes and give them measurable data about their organization.

canadian baptist ministries

Canadian Baptist Ministries [Case Study]

Learn how Canadian Baptist Ministries overcame their issues with finance and donor management to improve reporting, ensure information is readily accessible and up-to-date, and lighten the administrative workload for employees.

decision making template download

Digital Transformation Decision Making Checklist [Template]

This template will help you ask the right questions and engage the appropriate stakeholders in order to successfully guide your organization’s digital transformation.

Action Group Case Study

Action Group [Case Study]

See how Action Group was able to break down their silos, increase staff retention, and provide consistent, high-quality services to their clients

employee scheduling one pager

Employee Scheduling One-Pager

We get it, you’re busy! That’s why we’ve created a tool that makes scheduling staff a breeze so you can focus on what matters most – providing your clients and communities with valuable services.

employee and manager self-serve tools

Employee & Manager Self-Serve Portal One-Pager

Our self-service tools serve all your needs in one place. With the ability to create and update timesheets and get real-time overview of status budgets; accurate information is easily accessible and readily available

User Types One Pager

User Types One-Pager

Nonprofits require affordable access to critical data across their organization in order to make the best decisions for their cause. With Sparkrock, different user types can scale your reach across the organization while efficiently controlling your costs.

sparktivist program one pager

Sparktivist Program One-Pager

This special program is designed to reward our activists for sharing their experiences and expertise to helping us create great solutions. Becoming a Sparktivist is easy, plus who doesn’t love free stuff and cool prizes?

smartstart one pager

SmartStart One-Pager

Our comprehensive deployment plan offers flexibility and freedom by allowing clients to implement at their own pace with the help of our amazing team of consultants.

product packaging one pager

Product Packaging & How to Buy One-Pager

Sparkrock’s solution is packaged so that you don’t pay for more than what you need. Start off with the features that you want and easily add more users or functionalities later on.

Applicant Tracking one Pager

Applicant Tracking One-Pager

Check out our new Applicant Tracking functionality that helps you concentrate on hiring the best people and reduce your administrative workload.

Growth-driven design one pager

Growth-Driven Design One-Pager

Your organization is constantly growing and changing. What data you use and how you use it continually evolve as well, our GDD ensures you stay current.

Workforce Management webinar

Workforce Management Product Tour [Webcast]

Our all-in-one workforce management solution enable your employees to be more efficient, providing better quality work for those they serve.

Finance Management webinar

Finance Management Product Tour [Webcast]

Our solution provides flexible and all-encompassing capabilities to help your organization increase transparency and reduce risk.

data can change the world

How your Data Can Change the World [eBook]

Want to gain better insights from your data? Download this guide to learn how you can digitize your data and harness every engagement opportunity.

cost savings assessment

Cost Savings Assessment

This assessment will provide you with an insightful custom report to see how efficiently you're managing your administrative processes and where you can improve to save money.

Huron-perth catholic district school board

Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board [Case Study]

Learn how this school board leveraged our technology to improve data integrity and flexibility for complex Ministry reporting.

Sparkrock Video Library

Video Library Hub

We post a lot of great video content. Check out our product demos, feature flicks, webinars, and customer case studies.

Case Management webinar

Case Management Product Tour [Webcast]

Our Case Management solution enables your organization to provide exceptional client care in order to make a lasting impact on those you serve.

Donor Management webinar

Donor Management Product Tour [Webcast]

Our solution has been designed to provide a powerful donor management experience within a robust cutting-edge CRM system.

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Data Reporting Assessment

By using data and measurement to capture the strengths of your mission­-driven organization, you can do even more good in the communities you serve.

Robin Hood Association

The Robin Hood Association [Case Study]

See how The Robin Hood Association utilized technology to create shared accountability across the organization and improve scheduling and payroll practices.

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board [Case Study]

Why do K12 school boards love our solution so much? Hear is straight from our friends at Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board!!

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Kenora District Services Board [Case Study]

Find out how they were able to immediately reduce their accounting costs while significantly making processes more efficient.

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District of Nipissing Social Services Admin Board [Case Study]

See how DNSSAB was able to streamline processes for grants and funding alongside drastically improving reporting practices.

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Community Living South Muskoka [Case Study]

Learn why CLSM chose Sparkrock to tackle their issues with reporting, scheduling, and data inaccuracies.

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Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport [Case Study]

Learn how CCES was able to save time, money, and create automated analytical processes to better serve their clients.

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Right to Play International [Case Study]

Learn how Right to Play leveraged technology to create, pilot, and improve many of their technology tools.

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Donor Thank You Letter [Template]

We’ve created this thank you template to help build and retain long-term donors.

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Effortless Employee Management for Community Living and Human Services [eBook]

This guide will teach you how to spend less time managing staff, schedules and payroll and spend more time focusing on delivering exceptional client care.

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Building a Bulletproof Proposal for Technology Funding

Download our free guide to learn how to write a strong proposal for technology project funding that your potential funders will not be able to deny!

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6 Tech-Savvy Ideas that will Enhance Client Care {eBook]

Stop juggling piles of client paperwork and filing cabinets full of data and get technology to do the work for you.

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The Essential Guide to Improving School Board Operations [eBook]

When your back end operations are running smoothly, you open doors to creating enviable, effective learning environments.