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Schedule Management Software

Efficiently fill shifts and control overtime


Eliminate manual guesswork

Make scheduling more efficient and organized, with templates, auto-fill settings, and self-service capabilities for employees and managers alike.

Schedule the right person, every time

Staff details such as qualifications, seniority, and availability are at supervisors’ fingertips, giving you the confidence your community will be served well.

Control overtime costs

Gain visibility into overtime risks and proactively prevent budget issues with automatic warnings for schedule changes that could lead to overtime costs.

Person on laptop filling out schedule with Sparkrock's scheduling tool.

Templates and schedule management

Make scheduling easy with the ability to define templates, schedule by unit or location, establish business rules, and post schedules online.

Overtime warnings

Set up warnings for schedule changes that could lead to overtime or exceed labour or union agreements.

Seniority/priority listing

Make more informed scheduling decisions with a list of preferred staff members based on availability, seniority, priority, and orientation to a particular unit.

Shift offers and bids

Instead of spending time calling around to fill open shifts, post them online and accept bids from staff. Supervisors review all bids, select a candidate, and send out automated notifications of the results.

Man on laptop using My Sparkrock Schedule Tool

Shift trading

Empower employees to trade shifts directly, automatically requesting supervisor approval. Supervisors can also confirm attendance.

Schedule confirmation and approval

Eliminate retroactive changes to the payroll. Automatically email reminders to employees and managers about schedule confirmations before the schedule is processed by payroll.

Time clocking

Capture actual shift times with online clock-in and clock-out, ensuring the employee is in attendance and on time. Restrict time clocking to specific locations or import from external devices, and supervisors can review actual versus scheduled shifts. Pay staff by their actual attendance, not schedules.

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Time entry and approval

Make your time entry process more efficient and traceable. Establish how your staff categorizes activities on their timesheets to collect the information you need, and automate approval notifications to managers about submitted timesheets.

Payroll integration

Load approved timesheet entries directly into payroll without any reformatting and seamlessly integrate allocation data for different departments, cost centers, or dimensions.

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Case Study


New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults & Families Case Study: Nonprofit ERP Solutions

“The Sparkrock team's experience from working directly with Nonprofits was truly invaluable. They had amazing perspective and advice for the project.”

– Jennifer Hume, Director of Financial and Operational Support