Non-profit ERP

Non-profit ERP

Spark Rock provides the best non-profit ERP systems and all in one technology solutions you could ask for. There are a number of reasons why so many clients routinely turn to Spark Rock for non-profit accounting and ERP software.

Five Signs Your Nonprofit Organization Needs an ERP System and Why Choose Spark Rock

The team at Spark Rock can help you identify the five signs that your nonprofit organization requires non-profit ERP software.

  1. Poor Regulatory Security and Compliance – Open source ERP for NGOs can help improve regulatory compliance and security performance. Keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory requirements of nonprofit organizations can be a constant battle. Data streamlining and processing can ensure all organizational data is kept secure and private.
  2. Improved Management for Grants – Grant management is fiscal to achieving success as a nonprofit organization. With financial transparency capabilities, your organization can easily demonstrate where and how grants are being managed. Non-profit ERP software from Spark Rock may efficiently produce a transparent budget for the organization, while also reducing the general costs related to overseeing accounting and grant management.
  3. Poor Flexibility – Your organization may benefit if you find yourself asking the question, “Are ERP systems worth it for nonprofit organizations?” Poor flexibility is a huge red flag that your organization needs an ERP system. Real time ERP solutions can improve the mobility and general flexibility of your organization. All modernized systems have been improved and enhanced to process a wide variety of functions and commands. Being able to use multiple devices for remote access is one feature that makes it totally worth it to have an ERP system.
  4. Can’t Find Informational Data Easily – If you need easy access to the informational data about your nonprofit, you may want to consider updating to one of these newly revamped systems. Most activities for nonprofits grow on a daily basis, which makes it nearly impossible to keep track of them. Using key data that is prompt, all authorized users will have access to the data they desire.
  5. Poor Resource Management – If your organization finds it difficult to balance its resources, you might need to implement an ERP system from Spark Rock. Automated data collection and data recording make it easy to keep up with financial information, such as income and donations.

Choosing Spark Rock for Superior ERP Systems                                            

It is easy to see why so many nonprofit organizations have already turned to our team at Spark Rock for an ERP system. Our menu of services is sure to provide your organization the foundation it needs to start climbing the ladder of success and growth. Customers can request a free demo by clicking here to fill out the required online form. It is also possible to reach out by sending an email to

 Anyone with general questions about our services at Spark Rock can call us at +1-866-878-5552. All sales inquiries can be discussed by calling +1-844-55-SPARK or by emailing Customer support services can be reached by emailing or by calling 1-866-878-5552 EXT. 230

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